Have 3 yr and 7 months boys. Both keep grabbing crotch. Anyone else's kids doing this?

Amy - posted on 05/23/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




I think I will have 2 Michael Jackson impersonators or Al Bundies on my hands. They keep grabbing their crotch! Is anyone else's kids doing this?


Adrienne - posted on 05/23/2010




My middle son is going to be 2 years old next month and does it all the time! Even in his sleep!! All we keep doing is telling him no we don't do that. It's almost as if it's my son's comfort thing instead of a blanket. He can be sitting there drinking out of a sippy cup and this other hand goes down his pull up and just sits there. My husband said we should have called him Al Bundy. But lately it's more where he likes to look at his balls the worse was when we were eating supper and he was only in a pull up he pulled it open and looked down and started saying "My Balls, Look My Balls"... He was only done that once and we said that was bad to do. But I have never had this problem with my eldest he never ever grabbed himself like this. Just keep on them telling them not to do it and hopefully they will stop. My 2 year old only does it once in a while now. Good Luck! :)

Christina - posted on 06/05/2010




Oh yea. Once they find that thing they never quit playing with it. My son is 5 years ol and he is always grabbing it even when he doesn't have to go to the bathroom. Its just a guy thing and totally normal lol

Vicky - posted on 05/27/2010




hi, my son is 4 and a half and still does it, i dont tell him its bad, but when he does i ask him do you need to go and wee? and if he says no, then I just tell him its not good manners to touch your private parts in front of other people. It seems to bother other people immediately , more so than it actually bothers me. sometimes he will hang on to the point of it just to stop the urge to wee, then i tell him he needs to wee, if not then leave it alone. ;) normal though, so just important not to tell him that its bad....because its not, just that there is a time and place for everything.

Christina - posted on 05/25/2010




my son is 20 months and he was constantly grabbing it like he was check to make sure it hadnt fallen off... i tell him yes its still there dont play with it and he normally stops.... i am just glad to hear its not just my boy lol

Theresa - posted on 05/23/2010




When my oldest son was potty training he started that too. I asked his doc about it and he told me, "All boys do that from 2 to 92." So nothing to worry about, very normal. You can teach them discreatness though.


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User - posted on 10/12/2014




Omg 2 4yrs and older, your killing me people. My lil guy is 18 months and will be sitting there watching baby tv and there goes the hand in his pamper. He's even gone as far as removing the pamper. So this is normal and will continue!

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i thought once a boy discovered it u can never get their hand of it LOL!!! my 22mth old is potty training at the moment & pends most of the day running around the house with no pants on & he's always playing with it :-)

Sarah - posted on 05/29/2010




My oldest son is 5yrs and never mind just grabbing he sticks his hand down his pants. We tell him if he want to do that then thst should be something he does in his bedroom out of sight. I asked my mother in-law about this and she said that all small boys do this.

Kathy - posted on 05/27/2010




My 3 1/2yr old, is always 'at it' too. I also think it's a security thing for him too. His older brother always had a security blanket with him until he was about 4, and I never had anywhere near the same problem of him 'holding himself' all the time. I'm hoping that once he doesn't feel such a strong need for a security 'object' it'll at least become a more infrequent behavior.

Laura - posted on 05/24/2010




lol, my son just turned 3 and he does this all the time, it drives me nuts, for the longest time i thought he was either holding his pee in or had a UTI or something but apparently it totally normall.

Stevie - posted on 05/23/2010




hahaha yes omg yes my son is 1.5 yrs and he does it too mostly when he is neggy but idk im sure he has done it other times if he does it and has a diaper on normally he isnt wearing pants just his diaper but yes its totally normal lol and they will probably never grow out of it lol idk some do i suppose lol

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