Help! not feeling like myself at 8.5 months pregnant

Ashlee - posted on 06/09/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have an almost 2.5 year old son and expecting another boy next month, up until now i have been sooo excited being pregnant and having another baby but the last couple wks i have been VERY emotional and stressed and irritable and just dont feel like myself! I am sooo emotional and not to mention my 2 year old is def going thru the terrible 2's so he is sooo defiant and it seems like im always yelling at him and then i start crying cause i feel bad for yelling at him! My fiance works alot and hasnt been home at all lately the last couple wks and im a stay at home mom so i have been super stressed and just not really looking forward to all this change happening next month! I have never dealt with depression ever and not even postpartum depression after my son was born so idk if this is normal or if i should talk to my doctor?? Has anyone else gone thru kinda what im going thru??


Alison - posted on 06/10/2011




Right with you! My firstborn, is turning one next week and has just started to walk. He's fighting to be independent and super curious about everything! I'm due Aug 6th, and everytime I have to pull him away from something or herd him to another room I feel bad because I think I'm always grouchy! :/ Disliking very much these pregnancy hormones!! Come on August! Lol. Best of luck! You're not alone! :)


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Valerie - posted on 06/10/2011




i think it is probably normal and hormones and exhaustion...but when it doubt check it out...i would recommend a day of r & r for mom to include a nap and good food no Becky Bailey's councious will help with the toddler who is normal too and checking boundaries and perhaps experiencing some anxiety over baby coming...all the best

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Yes, me, hi :) I'm 6 months pregnant with muscle spasms and have a 7 month old son. It has not been easy and luckily my boyfriend has been home a lot lately to watch our son because when my muscle spasms first came on, I couldn't do aaaaaaanything. I stayed with my mom a whole week and am actually going to probably have to do it again when I finally deliver because my boyfriend won't be around much due to work again. It's going to be so hard and sometimes I just sit and stare at a wall and want to cry thinking how my injured gimpy self is supposed to take care of two kids, while healing, alone... I don't have a 2 year old but I have a 60lb lab mix I adopted 2 years ago who has a lot of speration anxiety issues and seems to have also been beaten too :(.

It has been soooooo stressful having a baby with her around because she has so many problems. She gets scared when paper moves and will run over anyone in her way, barking, to get away from it. So naturally, once she got scared and jumped on my head while I was laying on the couch!!!! So I started to get on her when I was pregnant with my son, hoping she would learn but as much progress as I've made with her (like not getting her to run when she gets scared and now just jumping and being more curious about stuff.. no barking either, yay!) she still has no boundaries so she'll step on us when walking by and STAND over my son! I wanted to kill her (you know, that overwhelming rage sensation), all 4 feet were around my 4 month old son and she's just standing there! So I had to train her not to go on 'the baby blanket' and kick her off of 'his area'.... aldfjwekl a mess! And I yell at her, and then cry like you do because she already has issues. Yelling at her is like yelling at a child whose been beat, it breaks my heart. But I have little patience in dealing with her anymore so I think I know how you feel :( aweful.....

If you want, you can message me.

I never took drugs, and went to a shrink once but all she wanted to do was talk about my family issues and put me on drugs? I'm kinda anti-drugs (and this was around the time it was having negative side effects on people by throwing them over the brink) but I got there eventually and well, been dealing with it back all over again lately. Write me anytime, we can vent, discuss how to cope or whatever :)

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