how do you prepare for the second child??!!!


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I found out that I was preggo when my daughter was 14 months. I said, oh my, she will only be 22 months when baby comes! AAAHHHH!(Adam was a surprise!) Well, the best thing I did, I think to prepare was to try to prepare her! (As best as possible for 22 months!) I went and bought her a complete baby set. It has the high chair, stroller, bed and baby in it. She would take care of 'her baby' while I take care of my baby. She had a little over 4 months with baby before her brother came, but she LOVES!!!!! her brother and helps me with him A LOT!!!!! My girlfriend actually did the same thing with her son, and she said it worked with him too. -- But, there is no preparing a 2 year old. They all react differently and it will take time. My daughter couldn't stand me the day I got home and it really took about 3-4 days for her to 'warm up' to me again after being in the hospital. As far as you preparing, I don't think you can. Have people cook and freeze meals for you so you don't have to do much of any cooking the first couple weeks. Other than that, you just gotta do it and take it as it comes. Make sure you line up help for a while so you can recover and still have both children taken care of. Thank God my mom and MIL came to help after my hubby went back to work. It was HARD!! at first, but now, wouldn't change a thing and glad they are close in age. GOOD LUCK!

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I'm due between July 30th and August 5th with my second and my son is now 19 months old. I'm not sure if I've prepared him well for the arrive of his new sibling, but from the way he's reacted to other babies (including me holding and giving attention to the other babies), I can tell he'll do just fine.
I've also given my son a toddler bed to get used to the idea of sleeping in a bed over a crib. He's got a baby doll that we practice being gentle to. I have a friend that lives one house away with her two girls (2 year old and an 8 month old) and Evan has grown rather close to them. He's learned to watch out for my friend's 8 month old, be gentle, share toys, and he doesn't seem jelous at all when I hold her or play with her. It may be a bit different when the baby arrives, but from the way he's reacting to other babies and how obiedient he already is, I can tell, we wont have much trouble transitioning. I'm going to guess we'll have our issues and temper-tantroms here and there, but I don't see it being that big of a problem. We'll just have to wait and see. :)


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I have a 21 month old. I am due in feb with my second. If its a boy too I am good but if its a girl, I have nothing. Omg.. What all do I need?... I am def. going to get a swing this time around.

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I have a 4 year old girl & in January Im having a little boy. My daughter is used to children around because I have a nephew thats 2 1/2 & a step-son that 6. I explained to her she's going to be a big sister & she's ecstatic. She seems to understand it well & I gave her a baby doll & her & her step-brother say they are "practicing" for the baby's arrival. The only issue is I feel completely overwhelmed and like if I'm not going to be ready at all. This pregnancy I find out I have a bi-conarate uterus (like a heart shaped uterus) & that the only problem with this is if the baby is on the opposite side of where my daughter was I could not last all 40 weeks so they would have to monitor me. The biggest issue is I didn't know I had this with my first daughter & so we don't know what side is the "good" side. So I keep worrying the baby is going to come early & catch me off guard. & to make things a little worse I feel like its been so long I don't remember how to prepare for a baby. I can't relax at all. I feel like I need to have the baby shower planned & start buying baby stuff or at least dressers to put away the stuff I am going to get at the baby shower. & the problem is I feel like I still haven't done enough & I am not prepared. Any advise?

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i have a two year old and a 2 1/2month old both boys. i was really worried because my son was the only grandson so he was always the center of attention wherever we went so i was really worried but it went a lot better then i though it would. we never did the doll thing or anything like that but we did a few things that really helped our son. we did big brother gifts that he got when he first came to the hospital to see me and his little brother for the first time and then another big brother gift when we came home from the hospital. its was just toy cars and trucks nothing really special. we also let Jerrik (my oldest son) set the pace there would be times to where he was curious and wanted to hold his little brother and interact with him alot and then there were other times he wanted absolutely nothing to do with him and that was fine we never pushed his little brother on him. letting him set the pace was the best thing we could of done cause now thing are going amazing and hes now very protective over his lil brother and is always giving him kisses and trying to read him stories. so my best advice from personal experience would be just dont push it let the oldest child choose when to interact with the baby or when not to as much as you of luck :)

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My first is only 11 months and we're just thinking about having a second one. I have a company called PeeSpeak that teaches parents to potty train their babies from birth. In our video there was a family with a 24 month old and a 4 month old. When they started potty training their new baby in the first days and weeks of life their older boy quickly became toilet independent. That was about 8 months ago and they are both potty trained now.

I started potty training my daughter from birth. By the time she was a couple months old she was going potty in the toilet all day long. It’s so easy and it has saved us so much money! She never has diaper rash, never been constipated and I never have to clean up poopy diapers!

You can see a video on our website:

There is a $5 off coupon code for the book & DVD: poofree123

Just thought I'd share ... good luck and congrats!

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thanks everyone. i feel a lot better knowing that im doing things that other moms do too. i've already transfered my son to a toddler bed and we bought him a baby doll to help him get used to having something small around. we tell him that theres a baby in mommys belly and he kisses the baby before he goes to bed every night. he even climbs up on the couch and rubs the baby! its so cute.

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My son is 13 months and i will be the mother of 2 in one more month. My son still eats things off the floor and plays in the trash. seeing him with my new niece also frightens me because he likes to poke her eyes and pull her hair. im going to be doing a lot of getting up and down when she comes! what i have been told is to let the 1st child help with the baby. run and get a diaper or let him hold the bottle so he will feel like you need him.

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I am now pregnant with my second child and due on the 7th of August. My son Ethan is now 21 months. When i first found out i was pregnant i was really worried about how my toddler would react with a newborn because at the moment all my attention goes to him but when the new baby arrives it wont be. The first thing i did was went and bought my son his own toddler bed so he wouldnt be in the cot anymore. I did this about 4 months ago because i wanted him to get use to the idea of sleeping in his own big boy bed before the bub arrives. He loves his bed and sleeps in there most of the night. I also taught him to help me with his nappy changes, for example i ask him to put the dirty nappy in the bin, so when i change his brother or sisters nappy he can help by passing me things and putting the nappy in the bin too. Hopefully this has worked for me, i'll let you know how he goes when the baby comes! Goodluck!

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