Implantation Bleeding?

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Hi Ladies,

My husband and I had trouble with "unexplained" infertility. We tried for 4 1/2 years to conceive. The only thing that the doctors found was a possible Luteal Phase Defect (which usually has something to do with a progesterone deficiency), however, my progesterone levels tested normal. I have always had very regular periods, sometimes I would spot a day or two before, but I was never late. They put me on Crinone 8% (a progesterone cream). I got pregnant and I lost that baby at 12 weeks (I had a blighted ovum). Three months later I got pregnant with my daughter, who is now 13 months old. I nursed her until about a month ago. My period returned lightly when she was about 4 months & by the time she was 6-7 months it was back completely. My period is so accurate, that when it came back after being pregnant it came the same date that it would've if I had never gotten pregnant (I keep track of my periods using an online calendar.). In fact I even miscarried the first baby on the day that my period would've been due.

My husband and I haven't officially started trying to conceive again. We've been using a "natural" birth control method (meaning no pills or medicines), so there's always a chance that we could conceive. Last month my period was a day and a half late. That might not be a big deal for some people, but as I mentioned...I'm never late. I did take a test before my period came & it was negative & then my period came the next day anyway. Now this month my period is due next Friday. On Wednesday I started spotting. I also had some very mild cramping on my right side that went away after an hour. I'm still spotting today. The blood has been brown and a little bit stringy. You can barely see it when wiping, yet it is collecting on my panties & is definitely visible there. Today it seems like there's slightly more than the past few days, but it's still just spotting. Thursday morning I took a pregnancy test (an Equate one from Wal-mart) with my first morning's urine and it was negative. Today my period is still a week away, so I don't plan on taking another test soon. I've felt weird and shaky the past few days, I'm gagging when I brush my teeth in the morning (something I did clear up until 20 weeks while pregnant with my daughter), & I swear that my whole kitchen smells like bananas! I am not yet back on the Crinone, but I called today to get my perscription refilled. I didn't have any implantation bleeding with either of my other pregnancies. If I am pregnant I would be 3 weeks along today. With the first pregnancy I got a positive test on the day of my missed period. With my daughter I got a positive test 4 days before my missed period (when I was 3 weeks & 3 days along). (Oh, & not that it matters, but just in case it IS important, I had to have a caesarean. I pushed for 2 hours & she never even crowned. I heard the dr. tell the nurse that it was "failure to descend". They explained to me that her head was too big (13cm) and my pelvis was too small.)

So after that big long ramble I'm asking...does this sound like implantation bleeding? How long does it usually last. If it isn't, why on earth am I spotting a week early? Is it possible that even though my period was totally normal while I was nursing that it's all out of whack now that I've stopped nursing? Do you think I should take another test or just wait it out until Friday? What were your implantation bleeding experiences like?


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I did have bleeding... but not due to implantation... in fact it was the same cause as what you were describing. But with all of the bleeding I did have during pregnancy it looked different then a period and I don't just mean amount either.

It wasn't quite as red, it was almost orange. After a few days it became more and more brown. This happened with each bleed session that I had. As you said there were times where it was barely visible. Now because mine was caused by low progesterone I also had clots, some stringy, some about pea sized.

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My period was due today 03/16/2012...but two days ago i went to the bathroom and when i wiped there was a tiny bit of red only when i wiped and after that brown for two days like old blood and now today nothing so i don't know whats going on....ME confused


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Ha ha I went through through the same thing this month (although we are actively trying). After spotting early my period still came during its normal time. One thing I have found since I had my son (he is 19 months) that nothing about my body is normal anymore, LOL. My periods arnt normal even though they used to be by the book.
On the other hand I did have implantation bleeding with my son and I remember it as being kind of dark but also like you described.
Dosnt stuff like this drive you crazy?
I wish I could have been more help but I think I only added to the speculation, LOL.
I think you gotta wait it out!

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I would just wait. I know its nervewracking once the thought is in your mind, you want to know whats going on and whether you're pregnant or not, but there's not too much you can do but wait! Either you'll start growing a baby, or your period will get with the program, and then either way you'll know! :) I do know how you feel though, i went through a similar experience with our second born. We started trying to have him about Oct. '07. By Jan, my periods finally started acting weird. I swore I was pregnant, period was so short and light, not like my previous ones. Took a test, it was negative. February, never got a period. Took a test, negative. March, thought I had missed my period again, so took another test, was negative. Started spotting and cramping a few days after I took the test....but was short and light, nothing like a real period. Then April, no period, took a test, was postive. lol yay! Went to doctor, they said my due date was in December. Then next visit was an ultrasound, the tech was expecting a few week old embryo still. Was shocked to see a formed fetus instead! Looks like that spotting in March was when I had conceived, his due date moved to November. is possible. I would just wait though, good luck!

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