Is it true braxton hicks arn't meant to be painful?

AnnMarie - posted on 06/21/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi all i'm 23 and pregnant with my second i'm nearly 33 weeks along now with our little man i have a 13 month old girl at home already shes gorgeous ,Anyway 't i'm a bit confused i keep getting told and reading that braxton hicks arn't meant to be painful but nearly every night i get cramping pains and back pain wich i assume are braxton hicks i have been feeling nauseated over the last 4 days went to the doctor and checked it all out and they arn't concerned they said it could be the baby pushing on everything and squishing it all up which makes me feel sick how ever could some one discribe braxton hicks for me and real contractions i had an epidural with my last bub and i don't remember really what the contractions were like i remember the pain just not the exact feeling of it if that makes sense thanks all


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Nicole - posted on 06/21/2010




Braxton Hicks can be crazy painful! For some women they aren't, but they are the lucky ones. Depending on how your baby is positioned and how big they are, it can hurt quite a bit. My son is breech and my Braxton hicks make me crazy nauseous because his head is up against my stomach. You can take extra strength tylenol for the pain, and I highly recommend a heating pad (but only use that on your back). If your nausea makes it too hard for you too keep any food down, you can talk to your doctor about Fenegren (sp?) or Zophram, these anti-nausea can really help.

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