Nap Nanny... does it work??

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Hello~ My name is Heather, i have a two year old boy and we are adding to our family. My mom ask me if i wanted a Nap Nanny for my new baby . I looked at the wed site and it looks really cool and helpful. but I don't know anyone that has a Nap Nanny. I just want to know if it works and is it something i will use all that time. Thank you so much for the help


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Sarah - posted on 08/07/2010




way cool! I've never even heard of it...googled it myself, it does look cool! lol

Tanya - posted on 08/07/2010




Yes, I have one and we LOVE it! She has slept well in it since 7 wks through the night. We are trying to transistion her out of it now that she is sitting up at 6 months. In my opinion, it was the best money we ever spent on a baby item. There was a recent recall you should be aware of, a 4 month old infant died in one after he rolled his face out of it between it and the crib bumper. You should know that it is not to be used in the crib, only on the floor. Anyway, we are sad to be transitioning out of ours...Mommy and Daddy have gotten many good nights sleep due to the Nap Nanny.

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