Need help choosing double stroller!

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Hi all,

I have a soon-to-be 2 year old daughter, and a 1 month old daughter. I'm searching for a double stroller, but am completely overwhelmed and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Here is what I would like in a stroller...any suggestions of brands/models would be greatly appreciated!

- reclining seat for infant
- small enough size to fit through doorways and between clothing racks at the mall, and a handicapped restroom stall.
- wheels that are large enough to go over gravel/uneven terrain without stopping short (a huge problem with our single stroller).
- a decent amount of storage (enough to fit at least a diaper bag).

I've found a few strollers that look nice, but I've found that they are either huge but have storage, or jogging strollers that don't have reclining seats but will go over uneven terrain, or inline strollers that are small and maneuverable, but have no where to put a diaper bag.

Any help is appreciated!


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When my one son was 2yrs old and my baby boy just born I bought the Contours Tandem Stroller.
When I first assembled it I though OMG it's big but it was the greatest pram I had and I was sad to sell it when I downscaled to a smaller stroller with a toddler footpad when my son turned 4.
Google it on the internet and you will see it is fabulous.
It is narrow enough to get through the shopping isles but big enough to carry your diaper bag and plenty of grocery packets. I even had my 2yr old's bike in the storage compartment on days walk to the park. The wheels are large enough to easily push over the grass but also smooth enough for the tile shopping centres.
The nice thing about this stroller as well it comes with an attachment for the "snug & safe" so you can keep baby in that for the first 9mths and the seats are reversible so they can either face each other or away or both face forward. Even for a big pram it was easily to manoeuvre.
I imported it into SA and everyone at the shopping centre stared at it or stopped me to ask where I purchased it.
I could rave on about it but google it and see for yourself - you will love it as much as I did.

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