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I have a 3 and a half year old girl and expecting a boy on the 18th of december, just wanting some tips on how i can manage to keep my little girl happy when the baby comes along, and i only live in a small apartment and eventually when the baby gets too big for his bassinette in my room, he will have to share a room with his sister, any tips on how i can mange that


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I have a 4 yr old stepson and am expecting a new addition in April. We live in a small 2bdr apartment. We've already started redoing the room - do that early! We buffered this impact in his life by getting him a new bed. We graduated him from his toddler bed to a "big boy bunky-bed". We actually got a loft bed for him so we could put his bookshelf, tv, toy box, and a chair underneath (saves lots of space). His desk is also on his side of the room. At the same time we redid his room, we moved in the changing table and crib. This showed him that he was very special and the new bed was really exciting.. since the baby isn't here yet, he also has plenty of time to adjust to the room arrangement before the little one invades the space.

We are planning on keeping the baby in our room in a bassinette on the nights my step son is there (about 45% of the time) to keep from any "accidents".

IKEA has some great baby furniture that is very space-conscious. They even have a changing table that attaches the wall (securely, I promise!) and you can fold down when you are ready to use it. This is a huge space saver in small living quarters. I also picked up wall lights for the room from IKEA that don't require electrical installation, you just screw them into the wall and run the cord down to the socket... I got three of these for the baby's side of the room that match the nursery set I chose. This saves needing table top space for a lamp! We got my 4 yr old hanging storage for the closet so he no longer needs a dresser, and we are utilizing hanging toy-storage (also from IKEA and affordable!) for his stuffed animals. I've hung hooks under his loft bed for all his hangables (including various toys like his wooden sword & shield, super hero masks, etc). The biggest thing on that is ensuring he knows that he still has space that is his (or hers in your case!). We very sneakily got rid of his "bulk" toys (race tracks, giant pirate ships, etc) that don't get played with in exchange for smaller newer ones he'll get at Christmas time.

It's just going to take a lot of ingenuity and rethinking.

But seriously, check out IKEA - go into a store if you can! The ones near me had this fantastic display of a "corner nursery" - it was literally a set up of a nursery in a hallway sized space in front of a walk in closet. It was so compact, but they fit everything in so beautifully I wanted to take it home.

Danielle - posted on 11/10/2008




Oh dear. I have a 3 1/2 year old and another baby due on December 25th. We live in a large one bedroom and we're quickly re-learning how much space these tiny humans can take up.

Just be creative and don't forget to breath!!

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