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My son refused to sleep for longer than 10 minutes without being swaddled when he was born. The problem is...he is 5 months old and STILL won't sleep without being swaddled. I'm talking arms swaddled tight by his sides. He is 17.9 lbs and is entirely too big to be swaddled- it takes two blankets- and he is unswaddling himself all night long because he is too big for being swaddled. Does anyone have any advice or tips to get him to sleep without being swaddled?


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Jessa - posted on 12/06/2010




We had to do the same thing with our first 3, it was a pain having to use multiple blankets, but since it was the only way they would sleep we just went with it. My 3rd did that til she was 10 months!!

What we found worked the best was to use as light weight blankets as we could to do the actual swaddling, then use another blanket, sometimes two depending on how big they were, and just wrapped it around them to help hold the swaddle. It worked pretty effectively and got us the sleep we desperately needed and our kids were happy and slept better :)

Once they were done with wanting to be swaddled we found that one of the biggest things was they didn't like sleeping in the position we were lying them down in. Have you tried alternate positions? I had two side sleepers and a stomach sleeper. Our 4th however, he never wanted to be swaddled and it didn't matter what position he was in, he just didn't want to sleep after about 2 months....

Good luck and hope you are able to get your little guy to sleep better.

Janet - posted on 12/04/2010




My daughter wanted to be swaddled like that too, eventually we started letting her have one arm out and as long as she stayed asleep all night we'd stay like that for about a week, then slowly allowed the other arm out and made sure she stayed asleep, but still had the process of swaddling the rest of her body. Before we did this and she was not ready to be "weaned" off the swaddle I would actually use a piece of duct tape to hold the swaddle together. Sounds weird but it worked, good luck!

Jonna - posted on 12/03/2010




My 3rd child was the same way. He wanted to be swaddled till he was 9 mo old and well over 20 lbs. I just used a bigger blanket and kept swaddling him till he grew out of wanting it. Good Luck

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