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Hi my son is 20 months old and i am due with bubs #2 in 16 days ...i have tried over the course of the pregnancy to explain the baby i show him my belly and try get him to say hi to the baby but to which he answers me with a big fat "NO" so my question is how do i introduce them to each other when the time comes a family friend suggested a big brother present to give to him in hospital and let him pick a soft toy for the baby ? any thoughts suggestions much appriecated


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I just thought,...also instead of just him getting the new baby a gift. Have a gift from the new baby to him so that he will have the idea that the new baby (in his mind) cares for and likes him. ?? Just a thought.

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I agree with Sherry. I was slightly older when my brother was born but I still remember going to the hospital when he was born and "he" gave me a baby doll which I still have to this day (21 years later)

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Our twins were 21 months when we had our third and for us we were home 3hours after he was born and so they were napping when we came in and I settled into my room with baby. When they woke up I went downstairs by myself to greet them, spent some time with them and told them that the new baby is here now and asked them if they wanted to see him. They were very excited and so I brought him down to meet them and spent only 10 minutes or so. Took him back up to sleep and then played with them some more one on one. Gradually I would bring him down for longer and longer intervals until they didn't want me to take him away. It was a great experience and I don't think they ever felt slighted by him at all. Having them also help me to wrap a special give and help me tape the gift was very exciting for them. Good Luck! :)


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Thank you for your thoughts and ideas sherry i love the idea of the baby giving him a present i will work with that as for your story about your twins thankyou i will endevour to try that as it seems like a good suggestion on easing my 20 month old into big brotherness

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I think at 20 months toddlers enjoy helping. Give him a big brother task such as can you bring mommy the blanket for the baby? Keep him somewhat occupied yet involved with the new baby. In time he will adjust. But the most important thing to remember it that he is used to being the one and only baby so try as hard as it is to give him some one on one time so he knows that you still love him. (I hope this advice works I have number 2 due in November and my first will only be a year!)

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yes, am looking for an answer myself, thanks for asking am due in two weeks. and my son is 17 months, he cannot understand whatsoever that am having another baby, and recently he is so clingy and just wants to tuoch my booby even in public, he has his little hand inside my top all the time.

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I'd definately go for getting him a 'big brother' gift and then taking him to pick out something for 'little brother'. It still probably won't fix things overnight, but it would be a great intro. Best of luck!

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