Things you really don't need for baby number 2??

Alexis - posted on 07/09/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have an almost 3 year old little boy and another boy due any day. I got everything under the son for my first and this time I have decided that most of the 'extras' or baby items meant to make my life easier were just a hassle. For example instead of a crib I am just going to use the playpen, we have two and my son was sleeping in his own non crib bed by the time he was one. I didn't bother with the fancy bubble proof bottles as I found the cheaper ones worked just fine and easier to clean. In fact the only thing we bought was a carseat\stroller combo. The following is a list of baby items I don't find essential this time around. What are some of the things you have found not to be useful or you feel is a must??

-Baby bath
-Double stroller (my 3yr old walks everywhere)
-New baby clothes (hand me down\second hand are so much cheaper)
-Crib (play pen works fine without spending double on something I get rid of for a bed anyways)
-Baby powder (never used it)
-Baby towels (use regular towels I already have)
-Diaper Pail (It would stink and end up with maggots, made sense to just take the trash out)
-Play mat
-Pacifier (my son never took to it and it was one less habit to break)

What have you learned from your first babies that you don't really need for the next ones?


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A lot of things I still had from my daughter.

A bassinet is certainly useless. But in the end I ended up buying a sleep and play for my son, he couldn't lay flat without freaking out.

Swaddling blankets, both of mine hated to be swaddled.

My son is currently in a playpen, but will be going to a crib next week. The board in the playpen is starting to warp. It worries me a bit, especially saying my son is only 16lbs.

Alexis - posted on 07/11/2012




If i didnt still have the baby monitor then yes, but for the first 4 months or so the new addition will be in our room so not to wake his older brother. Although I feel we will end up in the same room and bed anyways!

Laura - posted on 07/10/2012




My DS was 12 1/2 mos when dd was born, so, younger. For US, a crib and double stroller were musts. :)

Um, a baby monitor. For US. I used it for a week for my 1st and we didn't sleep at all. I never used it for my 2nd. I was very, very lucky and thankful my mom wanted to and begged to get up with our kids. :) she cried when they slept thru the night. :)

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