Tiring too quickly!

Cynthia - posted on 12/08/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I am 9 weeks pregnant with my second baby. My son Jacob will be 3 in April. I have had nausea and dry heaving 24 hours a day since week 5, and on top of that am so tired all the time I can barely drag! All smells send me running to the bathroom- even good ones like my fav. shampoo or my dryer sheets! (which I normally LOVE!) Fighting being so sick all the time has definitely not helped the energy either! Some days I wake up and feel pretty good, but as soon as I try to do anything I'm so exhausted and feel so miserable! When I feel like that , if I dont sit down or lay down for a while, I get even sicker! This does not work out well with a toddler in the house! My house is a disaster and my dishes and laundry are piling up and I cant seem to get it together! Does anyone have any advice at all to share? (and please be nice- i'm doing the best I can! ) I have tried napping, for a little while in the early evening , but the second I lay down he's jumping on me or poking me, saying "wake up mommy!" I dont know what to do!


Sunny - posted on 12/13/2009




I felt the same, sorry to hear you're going thru this. Just keep in mind it won't last forever, it will hopefully get better soon. Try to eat as healthy as possible. I found that going for a walk really helped, the fresh air was good even though I really didn't feel like it, it actually helped. Eat small amounts often and keep fluids up. Could try popsicles. Sorry not much help but hope you feel better soon x

Karen - posted on 12/13/2009




if u r feeling so tired all the time i would go 2 the doctors i was like tht for my 1st pregnancy and after blood tests found out i was anemic and was prescribed iron tablets after a couple of days i felt a bit better and gradually thy worked i would deffo get checked out hope this helps xx

Kristine - posted on 12/10/2009




I don't have any "amazing" advice. I got nauseated this time around (where as the first time was a breeze!). You can buy a pill (its actually a vitamin and it isn't unhealthy or harmful for you or the baby in anyway). Bendectin, which combines an antihistamine called doxylamine with vitamin B6. It is sold at walmart. I can't remember how much it was. During the first month of my pregnancy I was going to the gym and running (lightly) or biking for 30 minutes. It is recommended to get 30 minutes of exercise atleast 3 days a week. Of course that was easier before I got a job from 9 to 530 and before the holidays crept up on me! However, I noticed when ever I went to the gym, I would have more energy when I got home so I could actually do things around the house. Once I got too busy for the gym I would come home and be asleep by 7 or 730. My BF is wonderful with my little boy and was very understanding that I was exhausted. My job doesn't cause me to stand or do any physical labor. Im just a receptionist! I had no reason other than the baby making me sleepy to be so tired. Around the 13th or 14th week you'll start to get your energy back and the nausea will start to go away. I was extremelly bloated and gasy feeling during my first trimester but now that I've hit my second, my energy is back (I could tell immedietly!) and I can actually stand the smell of certain things better. I hope this helps you some. Good luck!


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Abigail - posted on 12/21/2009




well when you go to your doctor...you can ask them to provide you with medication for your morning sickness I had it so severe i was vomiting every 10 minutes and had to be admitted to the hospital...there they gave me Zofran and it was amazing....I stopped vomiting almost instantly. The pill form did not work for me only the disolvable kind. I use it now in my second pregnancy and it makes my quality of life so much better and I dont get bothered as much by smells.

Teresa - posted on 12/09/2009




I feel your pain! The first four months of this pregnancy was spent either in bed or on the couch and I have a little girl who's almost 2. I know how horrible this sounds, but she got to watch so much TV during that time because I just couldn't do anything! My husband would have to wash the dishes he needed to make supper and our laundry only got done like once every other week. My mom even went grocery shopping for me once because I just couldn't do it.

I have just recently started feeling better and have been able to start doing more around the house and I hope you can soon say the same!

Oh yeah - Taking extra Folic Acid helped with my nausea in the first pregnancy and I know that your doctor can prescribe something else that's supposed to help as well. Good luck and congratulations!

Medic - posted on 12/09/2009




i dont know what to tell you.....i have been exausted this whole pregnancy i am now 31 weeks with a 3 year old and i cant make it 3 hours without a nap....luckly my husband does most everything and has arranged to work in the evenings so he is here during the day and that way i just have to manage to stay awake for a bit till bedtime for our son...and our son is really good he can play in our bed so i can sleep or he just naps with me....and when things get piled up (due to hubby working or whatnot) i just ask for help and my friends and family pull together for me. they know that this pregnancy is hard on me due to my blood pressure.

Kevlyn - posted on 12/08/2009




i really wish i could help...i am 35 weeks pregnant and have a 3 year old and a 1 year old...i have had 'morning sickness' this entire pregnancy and have felt drained..i really dont know how i've made it this far.....be strong it will be over before you know it....good luck!

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