VBACs & When is it safe to try to naturally induce labor?

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Ok, first a bit of back story......

Almost 3 years ago I had my first baby. I had severe polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid) throughout my pregnancy, & had 2 & 1/2 litres drained from me at 35 weeks (they never could figure out the cause btw, I didn't have diabetes & baby was fine). By the time I got to 38 weeks I was overly huge again & in so much pain that I was induced. After 27 hrs I was taken in for an emergency c section, as my son wouldn't flip over into the right position. I was told however, that as long as I left it at least 2 yrs between babies, there was no reason why I couldn't deliver vaginally next time. (Baby was born perfectly healthy btw).

And to the present time.........

I'm 7 mths pregnant with Baby #2, and although I haven't been officially diagnosed yet, I know I have polyhydramnios again. I've put on 20 kgs already, and am really sore & uncomfortable. I plan on trying for a VBAC, and the obstetrician said that I would have about an 80% chance of succeeding IF I go into labor naturally. He said that if I'm medically induced again, my chances go down to about 40%!!

I'm really concerned coz at 31 weeks, I really can't see myself lasting the whole 40 weeks if I end up in as much pain as last time, but I really want to avoid being medically induced so as to give myself a good shot at a VBAC. I read that anything under 37 wks is considered premmie, so my question is, would it be safe to try to induce labor naturally at 37 weeks, and give myself a good shot before I succumb to hospital procedure at 38 (IF it all plays out like last time that is). And when I say naturally, I mean acupuncture, massage, vigorous sex......actually no, scratch that, I'd kick him in the shins if he tried anything at that point:P lol. But you get my point, alternative methods that don't involve a drip, etc.

Sorry for the long winded post, and any feedback would be much appreciated!


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ok, i'd talk to your doctor on this one, but it should be safe if they will try and induce you at the hospital, I don't see why you shouldn't be allowed to do it at home. Try walking and staying active, look up accupressure points on you tube, and if you get really desperate and condom and a turkey baster lol. semen contains the same prostaglandin's that the gel has that they put on your cervix. masturbation as well, i'm sure your hubby would be happy to help with that one lol. One thing you can also try if you're comfortable with it and know when to stop, is at about 35 weeks, start some natural labor techniques LIGHTLY. don't over do it, but helping stimulate your uterus so that it starts preparing. nipple stimulation is great but DON'T do it if your already having lots of braxton hicks at that point. I used the accupressure technique for getting baby to drop a lot at that point. also try looking up waters breaking, lol. I saw one when pregnant with my daughter, the kids scared the heck out of her mom and moms water broke. another, she and her husband were dancing. They're hilarious and even if they won't put you into labor they'll somewhat relax you cause you'll be laughing so hard you'll pee yourself. I'm looking forward to seeing them again when i'm closer to haivng this one in june.

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