What do you do to prepare your toddler for the new baby?

Chelsea - posted on 01/03/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




I have told my daughter that mommy has a baby in her belly and if you talk about the baby she will come up and lift my shirt and say baby, she also understands that the baby is not in her belly or daddy's belly. At least once a day she comes up and kisses my belly and rubs it. the only thing i worry about is her getting use to not being in my lap all the time and being held all the time i also worry about her response to me Bfing the new baby, i dont now how to prepare her for these things. she has a baby and she knows its not real and doesnt treat it like she should a baby, she will kiss it and try to give it a bottle but she is very ruff with it, should i worry or not because she doesn't see it as real.


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√v^√v^√♥ - posted on 04/16/2011




This is no help but cute. My boyfriend when he was a toddler, was going to have a baby sister and his mom says he just did NOT want a baby sister so he was really upset. In order to be able to bring a baby sister home, she had to give him a balloon. Yep, his sister was the equivalency of a balloon........ ♥

If I were you, I wouldn't worry much. We've been training our dog for 2 months now to 'not step on the baby blanket' by shooing her off of it when she steps on it and tapping her paws when shes on it.. she's finally learned its not hers. There's all sorts of things that will come naturally when your second one comes :)

Roberta - posted on 04/15/2011




my son kissed my belly and all that and when his baby sister was born he was great with her he says let me hold (it) lol and i would have to remind him thats his lil sister not a it one time he had a few tough moments where he try's to play rough with his sister and i remind that shes to lil shes now going on 6 mos and i don't know what im going to when this 3rd comes into the mix im due in nov so my kids will be 3-1-newborn my daughter and my newest are going to be a year to the month

Kayla - posted on 04/08/2011




My child is two years old and every time I start talking about the new baby and that he is gonna have a baby brother or sister all he says is NO. I just want him to be ok with me having a new baby. Trying to get a two year old ready is about the hardest thing I have done I think.

Julie - posted on 04/07/2011




My son would kiss my belly and say "baby" but I don't think he really got the idea. He was just shy of 2 years old when my daughter was born. He's always been really great with her. I try to involve him as much as possible and make sure he gets special time, too.

The breastfeeding was kind of funny. My son of course asked what I was doing with the baby, and we told him she was eating. After that, he would randomly point to my breasts and say "baby food!" He also asked to eat the baby food himself (I didn't let him), and once when he was holding the baby, he wanted to try to breastfeed her himself. Now she's 7-1/2 months, and he doesn't pay any attention when I breastfeed.

Jenny - posted on 04/07/2011




i had my two 18 months apart and feared the jelousy of my eldest, but it never came :) i always made sure i included him with whatever i was doing with my baby as much as possible (i.e would read to him while breastfeeding baby) and he was fine. At first he was sad that he couldnt sit in my lap, but what he started to do was squeeze in behind me where i sat and hug me from behinde :) they'll find a way to get what they need from you, they're resiliant and adaptable :)

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I'm 19 weeks and my son is 2 and a half and he doesn't get it. I try telling him when we watch shows with babies. I tell him there's a baby in my belly everyday... But all he can do is lift his shirt and tell me the same thing lol. I think he won't understand until the baby is here =/ Im just hoping that the closer he gets to 3, the better he'll understand

Brianna - posted on 01/09/2011




my daughter has no idea that im pregnant... i try to tell her theres a baby in my belly and shes just to young to understand.. shes 14months old and im still in the 1st trimester so i figure at the end of my pregnancy she might be old enough to kinda understand

Kendall - posted on 01/04/2011




My daughter does the same thing, only she lifts everyones shirt and says baby. I bought her a baby for Christmas that came with a bottle and a diaper bag and soother. I figure when I am feeding the baby, she can feed her baby at the same time. Also, I was thinking about getting her a small tub or bucket with a little water in it so she can give her baby a bath the same time I give her sibling a bath. So far, this is all I have come up with. lol Hope that helps a little!

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