Mom's/Mum's of Gastroschisis babies and toddlers

This is a Community gathered for Mother's of Gastroschisis babies. Please share stories, feelings, triumphs and encouragement for those about to experience this battle. Please let this be a place of support and friendship. I know Gastroschisis isn't easy, but let's help each other see a possitve future and focus less on the sadness. After all, these babies are strong babies, so let's show them that we are fighting with them in this world! :)


My boy

My baby boy had gastroschisis he was a month early and was in the hospital for 1 month and hast had any issues besides gas and is 3 months now and is eating 5 oz of enfamil...


green poo

My 14 weeker, gastroschisis daugher has just done a khaki green poo in her nappy, I'm not sure whether to treat her like a normal baby or take her straight to the hospital. a...



Hi everyone, There's so much research that has been done on this, but I have never been given any cement information on the chances of Gastroschisis occurring with 2nd...