Money Saving Mommas

I wanted to create a community of moms who are devoted to saving money but not sacrificing quality with the products they buy for their families. This is a community of moms who love to share their money saving tips and ideas for inexpensive things to do with their children. I am a BIG lover of coupons and hope to meet other moms who feel the same way!!!


Gift Cards

How do people feel about receiving gift cards? I'm torn between gift cards being the best gift idea and what do I do with all the gift cards I don't need... Is it just me?...


How to get started couponing?

My son is now 8 months old, after watching all the segments on tv recently & TLC new show Extreme Couponing, it has now come to my attention I can save a crazy amount of money!...


Kids Meals are a waste of money

It's better to buy a large order of chicken nuggets or hamburgers off the discount menu and a small fry (since they aren't even healthy for our kids) and split them between your...


Deal of the Week

I want to try to share something like this once per week. For this week I found a great deal on 32oz. Gatorade at Kroger. It's part of their 10 Mega Deal where you buy 10...


money saving tips

I am for saving money and welcome any tips. Thank you Gena for creating this page.


Welcome to Money Saving Mommas!

I am so happy to have you as part of my new community of moms devoted to saving money without giving up quality! We are going to have fun sharing ideas and coupons to help each...