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My name is Emily Delashmit. I currently reside in Memphis, TN. I joined a company called Saivian this year. You know how Facebook and Google collects data on things that you like and search and uses it for marketing purposes? Well, this company does something similar. Saivian teamed up with marketing firms that want to know where you shop and what you are buying. They pay for your receipts to use for marketing purposes. Stores want to know why you are not buying a certain product from them and find ways to change that through their marketing strategies. Saivian will give you a 20% rebate up to $1200 in spending ($240 rebate) on any retail purchase from a brick and mortar store. (Gas, groceries, household goods, restaurants, among many others) You choose 10 stores where you normally shop and upload your receipts for the rebates. There is a $125 monthly membership fee but it is a win win because you get $240 back. You can get your membership for free by signing up 3 people who want to save as well. When you sign 3 people up, you immediately start getting $5 a day which covers your membership plus a little money left over. When those people get their 3, you start making $20 a day. You have the opportunity to grow your team and make up to $3000 daily. It is a pretty easy sell because who doesn't want to say money? Even if you just work the rebate system, you will still end up saving money. That is one thing that I like about it. This is why this MLM is different from the others. You will not lose money as long as you keep your normal spending habits up at the stores where you are already spending money anyway.

There is also a travel membership where they match your $125 a month and you can use that money to rebate 20% of your vacation. For example, in 4 months, you will have $1000 in your account. ($500 from you and $500 that Saivian matches) You decide that your want to take a family vacation that costs $5000. You can use the money in your account up to 20% of the vacation. ($5000 x 20% = $1000) So you basically just got a free $500 for your vacation. I know it sounds like there is a catch but there isn't. I have been working this system to make sure this company is doing what it promises.

You also get to use the Instant Savings Benefit program which is included in your membership. These are extra coupons from companies who want your business. You just pull up the program, put in your location and a list of companies pulls up with their deals.

I mentioned early that with the retail membership, you can only rebate goods. That is about to change. Another program is about to release called MAP. Businesses who sign up for this program allow you to save 20% on their services if you are a Saivian member. Ladies, we know how much it cost to get our hair and nails done. This could apply to hair and nail salons, car maintenance and the list goes on and on.

Please check out my website below and contact me for any questions I would love to work with you.

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