Am so open to any advice on saving money tips !!

Noele Louise - posted on 10/18/2009 ( 14 moms have responded )




My name is Noele i am expecting my 2 child on the 17th November, I have a 14month old daughter and am expecting a boy this time around. My husband has been studying this year and is planing to keep studying next year, We got throught this year financialy with him studying as i was working part time and had my daughter in daycare, but i am feeling like i would like to have some time at home with my children next year but we are not sure how it is all going to work out !!! i am currently trying to toilet train my daughter so we can get her out of nappies asap, i have also done some research on cloth nappies for the next addition and as i never tried breast feeding i am going to try and give it a go this time. Any extra money saving tips would be greatly appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Erin - posted on 11/04/2009




Using cloth diapers and breast feeding is an awesome way to save! That's a great start. Even if breastfeeding starts to get hard, hang in there! Groceries are one of the easiest places to cut costs. Start making more rice dishes. It's cheap and never goes bad. Buy bulk, go down to one car if you have two. Start buying second hand. It's all about sacrifice. I want to stay home with my kids and will try doing anything it takes without putting us into debt. If you have any more questions, I'm open for convo.

Alison - posted on 11/03/2009




rethink what you buy:

we're on a tight budget... i've started doing a LOT of things from home. i don't buy processed/prepared food. i make everything from scratch. it sounds like a lot of work, and a big hassle. but if you're really trying to save money, it's definitely worth it. you'll find that there's a HUGE net-working of people who make everything from home. with all my scratch cooking, we spend 140 bucks a month on food for our family of five. i invested in norwex cloths. these are good for about 3 years, and will eliminate having to buy cleaning products (not to mention the health benefits) you can also buy norwex wash cloths. you don't have to use face wash or body wash... so it cuts down that cost as well.... we also use kushies diapers (if you're serious about cloth diapers).... they're the "cheap" all in ones.... they're not a one size fits all, but they're wonderful and they've lasted us through three kids so far. we spent 350 bucks on all the diapers we'd need and so far they're still in great condition. and you're right, nursing is WONDERFUL! i've nursed all three of our kids, and have never once pumped or used a bottle. first it was because i didn't need to, and then it became (still is) a pride issue... but either way i see it, it's saved us SO much money!

if you want to stay home and spend more time with your kids... nurse. use cloth diapers (my two older who are now potty trained) help me fold the laundry. we make a game out of it. they help me clean, because norwex doesn't have chemicals, they can help clean the walls or the tub. and they always help in the kitchen. even if it's just standing on a chair next to me. our kids are 3, 22 months and 5 months. so i really think that you're daughter can help you and that you guys will have a blast! do everything you know you have to do in the day and get her help! kids love to help at this age!

Dani - posted on 10/30/2009




I agree that wholesale shopping is awesome! I shop online with a fantastic wholesale, ecofriendly company and save 30-40% on all my everyday products like toothpaste, shampoo, deoderant, over the counter meds, cleaning supplies, just to name a few. The cool thing is that all new customers get $100 in free products and then you get free groceries every month just for referring a few friends! I think it's a great concept and so I've been refering folks and actually earning a nice paycheck each month. If you're interested in learning more about the opportunity and company from me, send me a personal message or email me at Or you can request information at


Emily - posted on 10/30/2009




I try to save money anywhere I can. There is a website called thegrocerygame it cost $5 a month to use but it helps you save hundreds on your grocery bill. The site tells you when to use coupons to get items at rock bottom prices. I have three kids I buy them some new clothes every season change but I really bulk up their closet at the thrift store I only buy very gently used items all this is time consuming but it helps. I even know when the thrift stores have sales and I only shop then. Of course garage sales are good too.

Marlana - posted on 10/24/2009




Do you have a Sams Club or a Costco? I know it saves us about 10 a month on diapers and wipes, and it saves a ton on food!

Another thing is can you stand to put your air up 2 degrees? This saved us about 40 a month

Sunday paper coupons-you will save more than the paper cost

Have you signed you on pampers, huggies, gerber websites? They send you coupons every month for all kinds of baby products that you need

Store brand foods instead of name brands--most are just as good and cost alot less

Jen - posted on 10/24/2009




Noele, I would suggest getting your daughter in bum genius diapers now and your little one can just use them when he grows into them. They grow with the baby as they have different snaps for different sizes and as long as you go a neutral color- yellow or white both kiddos can use them.

Sandra - posted on 10/23/2009




Breast feeding will save you a fortune. But it isn't easy for everyone. We have LeLeche League here (canada) and it was great support. Don't give up too soon.( find support and help.) ( We had it all pain, sick baby in hospital mastitis etc. But we nursed till he was two.) Sam's Club can be a savings but i find I spend twice as much on other things when I go there. It helps to plan your meals in advance and shop accordlingly. Buy just what you need for those meals, and you can base it by what's on sale in the advertisements before you go. This is a huge savings for us because we don't buy what we don't need for that upcoming week (or two). I am a good cook but am great at using leftovers into another meal plan too.

Barbara - posted on 10/22/2009




Glad to hear about you trying to breast feed. This is very healthy for the baby and YOU. Not to mention, It's FREE. It's not easy at first. You will get very soar, but if you stick with it, it will get easier. I breast fed my little girl until she was 10 months old. I still remember those wonderful little eyes looking up at me. This is a good way to bond with your baby. Your doctor and local health dept. is a great source for information. Let them know what you plan and they will be able to give you all the information you need on breast feeding. As for saving money, try You'll find coupons and only print the ones you want. Also you can go online and ask for samples. Not only will you get free samples, but you'll have a chance to try new things before buying them and more coupons. For example, if you need coupons on diapers or pull-ups. Go to and sign up for emails and you will get samples and coupons. is another one. Just go to and type "free samples" in the search box. It will give you a list of free samples and just sign up for the ones you want. You can again sign up for upcoming sales and coupons. Just think about any product you use and find that web site and go search for free samples. Most will give you samples and send you coupons. I have gotten nicoret gum, diapers, shampoo, medication, etc. Just try it. You'll see. Hope this helps you some.

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I my self have 2 children one is 16 months and the other is 3 weeks old. so about the same age difference you are looking at. Sam's is a great resource as I have a membership, however after doing some price comparisons I have found Luvs is still cheaper then the bulk at Sam's (although I still can't bring myself to use them on my new yet). Breastfeeding is a great way of saving money! It can be very challenging use the lactation consults they are there for a reason! Also the nurses will try and help you in the hospital while they mean the best I found their advice can be conflicting and confusing, and can sometimes make it more difficult, if your struggling at all go to the professional! Also I'm not sure how much your husbands studying is costing you but have him go to a guidance counselor and see if they know of any resources to help financially he may qualify for.

Jen - posted on 10/19/2009




I've found a lot of money saving tips on you just type in whatever information you're looking to save money on and pull articles on those subjects. So, you can look for 'how to save money on diapers', 'how to save money on groceries"... whatever you're looking for it's on Ehow.

My personal favorite way to save on household stuff is shopping on Alice: I love Alice, it's the best pricing online plus free shipping right to your door.

Cloth diapers will *totally* save you money (plus they're cute). We also practiced elimination communication with our son so putting him on a potty since birth really saved us money. Here's a couple articles on EC'ing: my simple basics for cloth diapering:

There are so many ways to save money. is a great resource, too.

Best wishes with your growing family!

Cheryl - posted on 10/19/2009




I've got two words for you....Sam's Club. The membership costs $40 a year but for what you'll save it's worth it. Everything is sold in bulk for a cheaper price beacuse they use less packaging and service a lot of small businesses. True you'll spend a lot at the check out, but if you were to buy the same quantity even at Target you'd spend more. A case of diapers, for example, runs about $30 there instead of a "super mega" for $18 with half the number of diapers in it. I'd also invest in a deep freezer that way you can buy frozen food in bulk too for cheaper price and fewer trips to the store means fewer impulse purchases. Those are some of the things I do. I hope it gives you some ideas on how to make it work for your family. Good luck and congratulations.

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