Any tricks for getting rid of gnats?

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I recently asked how to get rid of ants. All of your helpful suggestions worked! One thing I read was to get a mint plant so I did and now I have all kinds of gnats in my house! I even took the mint plant outside but the gnats stayed inside.


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An easy way to get rid of gnats is to put apple cider vinegar in a bowl, cover it with saran wrap and puncture some holes in the plastic. They'll be attracted to the vinegar & get trapped.

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Oh lord! I am so SORRY! One solution caused another problem! (my bad!)

It sounds like you have fungus gnats in the dirt below your mint. The way to get rid of fungus gnats is to let the soil dry out some. Stir up the dry soil a little bit to upheave the gnat larvae in the soil...they will die when they are dried out.

Any other houseplants inside? Keep them a little dry this week too...or the gnats are just going to move to another wet environment.

There is a chemical derived from chrysanthemums called "pyrethrum powder" that is notorious for killing ground gnats and larval cicadas. (bugs that live in the dirt) It IS a poison...and should be treated with respect. The gnats won't kill an adult plant...just feed from it a little, but the new baby mint plants might not be strong enough to support the gnats. My suggestion is to dry out the soil and don't give them the environment they love....without using the chemicals.

My best friend is a little ol' plant lady...she agrees with me about drying out the soil...and explained to me that this is WHY there is a silly little fan in her gently blows across the room and is just enough breeze to keep her plants dry. If you are as obsessive about the plants as she might want to buy your plants a little fan.

I was helping a friend last week with his gardening...he asked me to pour half a bag of potting soil over the TOP of his established mint plants. He had me cover them over about half way UP the plant! I looked at him like...WHUT? and he explained to me that burying them further will encourage growth and make the root systems MUCH stronger. He couldn't even TELL me how long ago he planted that has been growing that way under his kitchen window for as long as he can remember. But each spring he covers them over with a little more potting soil..they spring up above the soil even healthier than last year!


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Stephanie - posted on 05/11/2011




I have used the cider vinegar trick and it works really well. I had a problem off and on for about a year ad have finally gotten rid of them. Good luck.

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