Anybody know a trick to getting rid of fire ants??? I hve tried everything nd nothing helps,we have so many my daughter cant play outside. i spray something and they are gone for a couple of days and then are back worse than ever!


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Ginger - posted on 06/02/2012




I do believe they have organic kid/pet friendly fire ant stuff at the home improvment store or the local plant nursery. Also I myself have used the "raid barrier" around the peramiter of the yard. I didn't let my kid play in the yard for a day or two, but it gets rid of ants and spiders. It is similar to the stuff the professionals use in the house for pest control, but it can go around the outside of the house too.

Katherine - posted on 05/26/2012




2 cups of club soda directly on the mound. It should take about 2 days.

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