Cleaning Up The Forum (Re: ALL Work From Home / Sales/ Ads & Solicitations WILL Be Removed)

~Jennifer - posted on 03/04/2010 ( 21 moms have responded )




Ads & Solicitations are being removed in accordance with CoM Guidelines (these can be found by clicking the 'Guidelines' tab at the top of the page).

Members posting ads or solicitations will have their threads / comments deleted and may be blocked from posting here for repeated violation of the CoM guidelines.

If you have a suggestion or tip, POST it.

If you ask other members to contact / message you for info we will assume that you are trying to make a sale or recruit members / salespeople for companies, and your comment will be deleted. If your information is legit and does not violate CoM guidelines, there is no reason that you shouldn't post it ALL right here and there should be NO need for anyone to contact YOU to get information.

Comment signatures promoting your business / website / company will also result in the deletion of your comment / thread, so please do not use your business signatures here.

This is directly from the Circle of Moms Community Management / Support Team :

Ladies, here's an update on our no solicitation policy:

Our community frowns upon solicitations, so please do not post them here.There are a number of places on Circle of Moms where you can post about your business: a community dedicated to work from home opportunities, and the Mom Store, where you can place an add for your business or product: Here are the links:

Work-from-Home Business Opportunities Community:

Mom Store:

The following are considered solicitations and are not allowed:

- Work from home recruitment pitches

- Dieting ads

- Personal business ads

- "Contact me for more info"

- Posting diaper codes

- Posting requests for votes in a contest (such as requesting for members to vote for your child in something).

- Posts asking for ideas on how to work from home. These are asking members to solicit which is not allowed. Please visit the Circle of Moms Store or the Work-From-Home community for ideas.

If you are doing academic research and would like members to fill out information please send the admin a private message and she can instruct you on what steps to take to post those.

Violators of these guidelines will receive one warning. If there are any further violations you will be blocked from posting in this community.

Thanks for you cooperation and understanding.

Catherine Linn

Circle of Moms Community Support

February 24, 3:02 pm


Jenifer - posted on 03/04/2010




I like the new No-nonsense attitude toward this. I am relatively knew here, but it can be very annoying to see these unappropriate posts.

Remember members: You can "Flag as inappropriate" any post that you believe violates the above mentioned policy, and it will be investigated. Thanks!!


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Tara-Liann - posted on 04/20/2014




I don't get it or perhaps it's not me--when I joined, just yesterday, the very first thing I seen was posting about No Soliciting , etc.... Then I skip over to another section, and almost the WHOLE thing is Admin (great job btw) telling people over and over not to do this, and there are STILL pages and pages of people blatantly disregarding these rules.... I dunno-smh....

Amy - posted on 07/12/2010




This would be the primary reason that I am checking into this group for the first time in months, whereas I frequently visit my other groups which aren't flooded with such annoyances! Such nuances have definitely turned me away.

April - posted on 04/29/2010




I'm new here, so I have just one question.....if people are asking for the information, how are we supposed to get it to them? I've seen several posts from moms who would like to work from home or are asking opinions about certain products. If they are opening the door shouldn't we be able to inform them? If we send them message or post to a conversation with them, is that okay?

Jamie - posted on 03/06/2010




I am excited about this too! The main convo page looks fantastic, its all legitimate threads now! Great job guys!!

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