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I have started cliping coupons, and watching sales. When something goes on sale, and I have coupons for it, I buy it. But I use coupons from the paper, printed from the internet, and downloaded to my kroger card.

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Tanya - posted on 07/10/2012




coupons are great! i use them for husband laughed at me when he saw that i had a coupon to was for a free drink and i didn't have to buy anything.....those are the best! some people are proud..i am too! proud to walk out the store paying half of what my bill was. there's a store in my town that has colgate toothpaste on sale(the big one 6.4 oz) for 99 cents...i had a 50 cents off coupon so do the math.....that's what i'm talking about! i stocked up and bought 8...won't need toothpaste for a daughter tells me i'm obsessed with coupons...SHE'S RIGHT!

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