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Tanya - posted on 04/27/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I saw on the news that a lady in Newburyport, MA spent 41 cents on a 100 plus grocery bill...using coupons. I like the idea of coupons but find it all so messy. Does anyone keep a coupon binder. How do you organize it? Looking for Tips!


Tammy - posted on 04/27/2010




I keep a coupon organizer and file it by rooms in the house. I have a kitchen; pantry; freezer; bathroom; pets; laundry compartments.

I also have a spreadsheet on my computer that gives me a listing of the coupons that I have with the expiration dates and the amount of savings. That way I know I am pulling the right coupon that I want for the best savings and not letting useable coupons expire before I can use them.

I plan my meals around the grocery ads and what coupons I have in stock as well as what is in my house already.

This week for a family of 5 I spent $30 in groceries for the week and that included dog food ($17 a bag)

My menu is Sausage/Cheese muffins for breakfast three days a week and cereal and toast for the other four. Depending on what my schedule for the morning is.

My boys are in school for lunch so I just eat a bowl of soup and sandwich or leftovers for lunch.

Dinner on Monday was pizza at my parents on Monday as they invited us over for delivery
Today we are having Ragu Pasta bake. We already had the pasta sauce and noodles. I had to buy Pepperoni I bought an entire roll of peperoni at Aldi for $1.98

Wednesday we are having pork chops in the Crock Pot. I bought pork chop loins for $8 and we had the frozen vegetables in the freezer already and the cream of celery and mushroom soups are in the pantry.

Thursday we are having the neighbor girls over for dinner as their mother has to work late. We are having pizza's I bought 6 of the Totinoes Pizza at $1 ea but had a coupon buy 2 get 1 so I paid $4

Friday we are having Tator Tot casserole and salad. The bag of salad was $1.50 at Save A Lot and I had a $.30 coupon. We already had the hamburger in the freezer and the cream of mushroom soup in the pantry so I bought the tator tots at Aldi for $1.99 each bag and bought two bags.

Saturday for lunch we are having cold meat sandwiches as we are at baseball games all afternoon so we are packing a cooler for lunches. We are having homemade pepperoni pizza pockets. I bought the bread at the day old store. 2 loaves for $1.80. We will only use one loaf for the pizza pockets but the other loaf will be used for sandwiches and toast the rest of the week.

Sunday again we are at the ball games all day and we are going to cook out for lunch at the park. The brats were on sale for $2.50 each package and I bought 2 packages.
Sundays dinner is going to be a Roast from the freezer in the pressure cooker on top of a salad. The salad was $1.50 at
Save a Lot with another $.40 coupon and we have the cheese and carrots and peas already in the pantry.

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