Daughter called my boyfriend "dad" after 3 months .... What does it mean????

Carli De - posted on 10/17/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I'm a divorcee and had a few short lived relationships. I have now let my current boyfriend move in with me and my 2 kidz. After a 3 month time period, all of a sudden my eldest, daughter, called him 'daddy' and explained that it's much easier. my ex hubby is still much involved in my childrens lives, as they go visit every 2nd weekend. Today was just such a shocker, for i didn't think of this at all and it just threw me aback ... What does it mean? Is this okay???? Please just tell me not to look into this deeper than it could be ......



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Julie - posted on 11/29/2012




First of I don't know how old your eldest daughter is, but after a 3 month relationship. and he moves in are you surely positive his going to be around for a very long time in your life and their lives because its unfair to any child to get attached to people that come and go from their lives in that parental context especially little girls for so many reasons. For now if it was my kid I would explain to my child why its important to only call her biological father that's there for her daddy, and not this man as yet let the relationship run into a strong year or two first .. in the mean time the 3 of you seat down and come up with a comfortable other name that can be fun for her but means something to her cause she clearly knows what daddy means ..male/father figure. Good luck

Andrea - posted on 11/18/2012




its ok!!! I wouldnt Force The Kids To Do It But If They Do IT On THeir Own That Is Their Choice, My Son Is 5 Going on 6 in March, And My Sons Real Father Moved Away To Florida ANd Really Does Not Call him, He Does Not See My Son, How Ever I WIll Get TO THe Point, My Boyfriend And I Live Together Now, We Have Lived Together FOr 2 Years ANd Been Together 2.5 Years, My Son Sometimes Calls My Boyfriend Dad ANd Somtimes Calls Him MIkey, I DO NOT force Him To say ANything, He Knows Who THe Father Figure Is In His Life, and When He Is Comfortable He will Say What Ever He Is Comfy On Saying At THe Time :)

Hope This Helps


Carla - posted on 11/06/2012




Some kids may think that there has to be a mommy and daddy to make a family. But I grew up with my mom being divorced and it took me a while to learn not every family has both parents living together and it is just fine.

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