Brooke - posted on 01/23/2009




Have you looked into cloth diapers?  They're TOTALLY different from the old ones now.  We bought Kushies from Walmart online.  They have the waterproof liner built in and velcro so you don't have to use diaper pins anymore.  They work GREAT.  I still use a disposable at night though.  I also got a spray hose from Bum Genius so that I don't have to dunk dirty diapers in the toilet - yuck!  I just hold it over the toilet, spray it off and throw it in a plastic trashcan (that's got some water and vinegar in it for the smell).  So, it's a one-time cost for the cloth diapers and then one load of laundry each month.  So much cheaper than disposables, and from what I've heard, babies who wear cloth diapers are easier to potty train.

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