Garage sales

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These are untapped sources, especially for baby stuff. Of course there are some things that are best to buy new, like a car seat, but when it comes to things like clothes, books, toys, diaper disposal units, even bath things like a baby tub, they use them for such a short period of time that they dont have time to wear them out. I have even found brand new clothes for a newborn that the baby was too big for at birth so they never got worn! Sometimes you have to be careful what you buy, and always wash them when you get home, even if they are new or say they have been washed, but there are all kinds of things out there just waiting for a baby to love them!


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I agree! My two-year old's entire winter wardrobe came from garage sales this summer--I probably spent $20 total, on 10-20 pairs of pants, tons of shirts, 10-15 pairs of jammies...etc. I LOVE garage sales--and love the fact that you HAVE to spend cash.

It's a great time for me to 'get away' and enjoy grownup mom time (a friend and I go together while Dads watch the kids)--and I am very tight-fisted with my hard-earned garage sale cash! (it comes from extras, like babysitting kids, or piggy bank money, etc--it's limited in amount so it makes me extra picky on what to buy, so I don't just pick up junk!)

I agree--Garage sales have saved my family. Best deals this summer? A fleece winter snowsuit for 50 cents, and for mom 4 sweaters, 4 pairs of pants, a skirt (all brand name, barely worn)--for ONE BUCK.


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