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Baking soda is your best friend, use it on carpets before you vacuum to bring out the smell, but vacuum twice over it or youll have 'soda spots' on area's that have been damp in the past.

make your own laundry detergent - a box of borax (or I use arm and hammer so clean, theres more for less money and works amazing, and takes out smells) to one grated bar of cheap soap, like ivory. half a tablespoon will do alarge load so you can get almost 60 loads for $4! if your clothes come out feeling a bit stiff you've used to much, my cloth diapers come out VERY soft afterwards!

a bounce sheet can be used for a ton of things, they can be reused four times in the dryer, use one thats been used once to dust, it will leave a residue that will detract dust from whats dusted, but be sure to stay even on electronics screens or you might get streaks. and put on in the baby carrier to keep bugs away from the little one! Use one to clean your shower stall door and it will attracks lime and soapscum to it!

I use cloth diapers - homemade - and cloth wipes. weather you homemake them or storebuy them its a bit more upfront, but saves you loads in the end and its really not that much more effort, a load of laundry every two days. If you can put them on a clothes line to dry then the sun bleaches them great white again!

I also have made (and sell) 'mama pads'. At first thought its a bit gross, but cloth menstrual pads are not only better for YOU but for your pocketbook. There's less odor, much more comfortable - and get this - the FDA doesn't require that manufacturers list the chemicals in their products, some of those chemicals leech into your body and have an effect on your flow, cramps, bloating, and length of your period! Imagine a more comfortable, less smelly, sticky and sweaty feeling period. they cost 60-150 depending on the sets you buy and how often you do laundry as to how many you buy. but if you think that on average a woman spends 20 a month on her period it adds up!

vinegar and water 50/50 is great to clean windows. use leftover newspaper to dry them off, two sheets or youll get streaks.


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Another laundry tip is that you can just use the powdered oxy clean , I buy the off brand, without the soap. One scoop does a load and this stuff works just the same as laundry soap anyway. If you have greasy clothes then a 1/4 teaspoon of dawn dish soap in your wash will take care of that. I even use it to pre-treat my partners clothes every night. He runs a restaurant. I dont do laundry ever day so it sits there and pulls more dirt out. Even if it fries when it hits the water it comes cack to life.


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Another thing - SILVER. Norwex sells cloths, mops etc with silver laced in them, its antibacterial and a disenfectant, so you clean without chemicals, and Hand of Glory colidal silver water is amazing too, use it on cuts and burns, getting sick, anything!

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Thanks for sharing!! Next time I vacuum I am def. gonna try using some baking soda. I love it for all it's uses but it never crossed my mind to use it on the carpet :)

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