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homemade gifts

Christy - posted on 03/10/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Of course, money is tight.....I want my kids to make some homemade gifts for their grandma and aunt's birthdays. Does anyone have any ideas to share.....they are boys age 6 and 7


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Erin - posted on 03/11/2009




My kids always make their own cards for the occasion. Sometimes they will draw a picture that involves something that they remember doing with that person. My oldest (8) sometimes write stories that involves that person.

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making ceramic personalised mugs/bowls, etc are a hit with kids aswell as family receiving them.

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Here's an easy one that'll be sure to please your relatives. For Valentine's Day, I made something for my husband called "The 12 Days of Love." I bought a box at the dollar store, but you could use one you already have and have your boys cover it with paper and decorate with stickers or markers (which I did for the wrapping paper). On each of 12 pieces of paper, I wrote "What I Love About You," and wrote something that I love about my husband. He loved it, and he loved getting to read one for each of the 12 days after Valentine's Day. You could change this a little to personalize it for your family. I hope this helps!

Connie - posted on 03/10/2009




I just discovered homemade bath salts, if they are that kind of people.  Buy Epsom Salts in large packages, scent it if you want with essential oils or perfume (put it on cotton pad and put in with the salts for awhile to "flavor" them), then put in nice bottles (pretty wine bottles work beautifully -- I don't drink but can get them from friends), cork 'em up, write directions (from the Epsoms package) and voila -- beautiful, practical, inexpensive, and extremely helpful for aches and pains!  Best of all, even people who are sensitive to commercial bath salts seem to be able to use Epsoms with no problem!

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