How can I save money when I dont even have a job?

Christina - posted on 03/23/2012 ( 15 moms have responded )




I am currently unemployed and looking for work but how can I save in the mean time? Any sweet tips


Denikka - posted on 03/23/2012




The easiest way, whether you have a job or not, is to cut down on your expenses. Knock back your internet and cable to basics, bundle if you can. Save off your grocery bill by using coupons and buying cheaper cuts of meat or no name instead of brand name.

Save on utility bills by using less. Run your washing machine on cold water, there are detergents made specifically for that now. Turn out lights whenever you can.

Look at your extras. Do you really need to spend $200 a month on clothes for example. Or $50 on a manicure every other week. Or on snacks and movie rentals or whatever else it happens to be. There are always extras that can be cut back on or cut out completely.

If you smoke, now would be a great time to quit. That's a big money drain.

Start shopping secondhand as much as possible. Either through a second hand store, or hit up garage sales. That time of year is starting again and garage sales are going to be popping up on every corner soon.

Something that I've found helpful to save a few extra dollars is to throw all my spare change and extra into a container. I don't touch that money once it's in there. For example, if I go and budget out $300 for a grocery trip, but it only ends up costing $293.17, that $6.83 goes into the jar.

A budget always helps too.

You can do little things to bring in small amounts of extra money if you're looking for that too. From collecting bottles to walking someone else's dog, there's tons of stuff to do to bring in a few extra bucks. You won't get rich doing it, but a dollar is still a dollar :)

Good luck :)

Teresa Ann - posted on 03/01/2013




I know of a dental/medical plan with no waiting periods,pre-exsisting conditions, covers braces & bleaching for about $9 for a Family. I hope this helps message me with questions.

Kari - posted on 04/26/2012




meal planning, coupons, and clearence lol. I wont buy new clothes unless they are on clearence (and there are times those prices are too high), i shop second hand stores and yard sales. I cook at home and we stopped eating out, we also lost wieght so this was a double bonus. I put all our change all of it into banks the last time i touched our change we had enough i could afford to fly my husband to florida for his birthday and we went to disney, it seems small but it adds up quick. I don't buy hardly anything unless i have a coupon. My husband works and i stay home I've been selling our old stuff online and there are times I make as much money doing that as I did when I worked. The more I save the more we get to have. Money isnt tight for us but i dont feel the need to throw it away either, we have a savings account and after the bills are paid and groceries bought we move all the money in our checking account over to the savings account and for the next few weeks we act "poor" (not trying to be funny I actually grew up poor very poor so i know how it feels) we have enough money saved up that I bought a couch yesturday guilt free and its the first couch weve bought brand new the entire time we have been together (over 8 years). We just had our first son and we are planning to have more children I see it as the more money I can aquire now the less I will stress later. Thankfully I don't have to save for college as my husband works at an univeristy and our children will get freww tuition we just pay labs and books, but I want to be able to help my kids when they start out and this is definatly helping. We also dont keep a way to access our savings account without going to the bank which keeps us from using the money on impulse.


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Sabina - posted on 05/02/2016




Its too tuff I m also unemployed.every day u will try to save some money from your budget.

Sandie - posted on 04/20/2016




God has provided for me beyond my expectations. I was once poor and had to shop at the thrift store to clothe my family. When I gave away money to those in need, then God blessed me. Learn to trust in God more than money. Search bible verses about how God wants us to live in abundance and expect a miracle! But more importantly a deeper relationship with God!
Let go and let God:-)

Tracy - posted on 06/08/2013




Get an allotment or grow some vegetables in your garden. Then sell them close to where you live. Don't charge a fortune for them, keep them cheap.

Robert - posted on 02/18/2013



1 is a good place to start saving money. It collects best deals and coupons from different sources for your local city and shows them on one page.

Terri - posted on 07/10/2012




We just started a change jar for all of our loose change. Everytime we go to the store we just use bills so any leftover change goes into the jar. When its full, we will cash it in and trat ourselves.

[deleted account]

What I do, is when I'm food shopping I look at what deals are on. Buy things when they're on offer (reduced price, buy one get one/two free) etc., especially if they're things that I know that my girls and I are going to eat.

As for brands - be choosy. Decide what items you're prepared to buy on the brands on and which you don't mind going to the supermarket version. Good example - Heinz baked beans are dearer than the supermarket ones. I tend to get the supermarket version, but not the value stuff and only Heinz when they're on offer (and works out just as good as or better than the supermarket version one).

For clothes - look at your budget. Can you make do with what you've got? I keep an eye out in charity/second hand shops for clothes. If they're in good condition, you can pick up quite a bit at reduced price - pays to be choosy though and only get what you need and what currently fits.

I have a money box that I can only open with a can opener. I put in my loose change, keeping some in my purse as well. The change in the money box adds up over the weeks and months. If you're putting in your loose change that you won't miss then when you get to opening it, you'll have a nice small amount to treat yourself/buy stuff that you need.

There is a good saying, that I like 'look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves'. It's true. I live in the UK - so the smallest paper money is a £5.00 note. The coins in the UK are 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1.00 and £2.00. By putting most of my loose change into the tin helps.

Look at the luxuries - drinking alcohol, smoking, nights out, takeaways. Reducing these will help a lot and in turn save quite a bit of money. I don't smoke, occasionally have some alchol (rarely though) and even more rare have a night out. Takeaways can add up. I know that for me and three children, we had lunch out recently and it cost just under £20.00 - which could have easily paid for several meals.

Another 'trick' that I've learnt is to cook something in bulk and then eat what you want/need to that evening. Then portion up and freeze the rest. That way you save on cooking time in the long run and also got meals in the freezer that only need reheating/finishing off.

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