how do I get him more interested in math simple math solutions

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how do I get him more interested in simple math problems


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We used a great supplement. Check out they have so many things to offer from one course to full year, summer school stuff, phonics kits, foreign language. The math kit we got came with building blocks to use, online support and assignments as well as workbook, etc. It was so incredible for my girls - we did it over the summer so they would keep their brains going. :) They loved it so much they ask every year if we're getting the next level for math and language arts - and they're now going into 8th and 9th grades.

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How I got my child interested in it was playing games. There are a lot of card games and board games that encourage math skills. It makes it fun and they don't know that they are learning!!!

Another way is to incorporate it into every day life. If you are going to set the table have your child count the number of people for you. If you are cleaning up toys and you pick up 2 and he picks up 2 get him to count how many you picked up in total. He won't even know he's learning it and then when you point it out he will think it's wonderful he knows it!!!

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Ask him if he's having trouble with the math , chances are he doesn't like it cause he's having trouble with it , something about math he doesn't get. Find out what it is , work on it, and remind him that cpu's are based on strong mathmatical skills, science , etc.. math is very important, i know i'm NOT mathmatically gifted so i hate math, but i love science, etc.. Talk to his math teacher, or it could be that math bores him because hes really smart , then stress the importance of math in his life with the help of his teacher.


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I thought my son would be lacking in the field of math, but it has turned out he is doing good.. I asked for extra homework sheets from the teacher and watched my son as he was doing his math, I noticed a few problems; he was seeing a few of his numbers backwards. After practicing a few weeks with him and showing him not to count ever figure on his fingers his grades did improve. don't give up on him.

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There are tons of childrens books that work with numbers and counting, and mathmatical equations. Go to your local library, and check them out. Scholastic books has wonderful games and books to help in this area, too. (Visit online or get from your school.) You can use blocks, small foods (m&m's, raisins, oyster crackers, etc.) the same ways as above. Make patterns, too (ababab; abcabcabc; abaababaab) and have him tell you what the patterns are, and what comes next. There are animal flash card games if he doesn't like numbers, and the math concepts are still taught. Find out what interests him the most, and use that -- does he like baseball? If so, teach the batting averages, ratios, etc. on a kindergarten/first grade level unless he picks it up quickly, then move on up with him. Look up free printables online for math sheets to practice. Let him "play" with an adding machine or calculator to help you balance your budget or checkbook. Money is a great motivator, but beware that you may make him "money hungry". LOL Dave Ramsey put out some cute budgeting books for children, too (Life Lessons with Junior). Try to make it as fun as possible for both of you! :o)

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im having trouble with my daughter whose in 4th grade also.. ill check the website that Tanya Silvey recommended... thanks for the advice even if its not my post...

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You could use a big numbered foam playmat where all the numbers come apart and connect again like a puzzle. They're very colourful, fun & soft. They're inexpensive, you can buy them at discount stores and on ebay

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I used the sales ads and play money for my daughter.She loves to shop,so it made sense to her.I used m&m's when she was younger to learn the basics.

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I think that games are a great start. You can use flash card. They have math flash cards at the dollar tree here. You can also have him add and subtract things like m&m or blueberries whatever he like. You can make a sheet and have him put all the m&ms of one color in groups together and you can have him count the groups. He can tell you which group has the most and the least in it. You can also draw boxes on another piece of paper and put the m&ms in rows going up. The he can make a bar graph.

Check out this website
You can find more if you google math for kids. You can also find books on it.

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let him use money. kids love money and it's a real useful math skill to learn for real life.

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