I grow our own vegetables!


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Fiona - posted on 01/31/2009




oooh, me too! I'm a newbie to this & have recently moved to a drier beach climate (my mum has always grown my gardens in the past in a wetter inland climate). I planted seeds a few weeks ago & with regular watering & weekly liquid plant feeding lettuces sprouted in 4 days & everything else in about a week!!! Despite the lack of rain here & water rates we have water  4 garden as hubby put in a 275litre water collection container; clever man!!!  Cost: under $200. Only takes about an hour or 2 of rain to fill it!!! Plus I read gardening books esp the Yates month by month gardening guide (& mum's only a ph call away!) Happy gardening, my fellow savers, this is THE most fun to contribute to my family's needs; SOOO relaxing to get out there in the cool of the evening...

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i'm trying to do this... any tips? my chives and broccoli never grew (i think i may have planted in the wrong season...) and my spinach was growing good but now it's all yellow. even my sunflower is dying! sigh...

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