I'm new to coupons, and I have a question for you...

Karen - posted on 02/23/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I decided to start clipping coupons, so my mom gave me hers from the Sunday paper. Is it just me, or are they all for frivolous products? I only found one for a product we use (zippered freezer bags) and even with the coupon, the store brand was cheaper!

Do you actually use coupons? How do I get ones for products I actually need?


Bethany - posted on 02/23/2009




I know that a lot of product websites let you sign up for coupon emails or request them in the mail (like for diapers and such). There are also coupon websites that let you pick your own from a variety of options. Just google "coupons" and you'll find plenty. And I know we don't get the same paper but I do find that some weeks are much better than other. But at first I found I was clipping out items that I didn't really need- but I had a coupon! Sort of defeats the purpose, eh?

I try to use coupons when the item is already on sale- that way you save even more (and can make a name brand that you might not usually buy cheaper). But honestly- I'm terrible for remembering to use them. I try to mark it right on my grocery list if I have a coupon for that item.

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Shannon - posted on 11/15/2010




I went through this phase a couple months ago that I was going to start using coupons. I went to Coupons.com and printed what I thought I'd use and was all prepared. I went to the store and found that, like you said, in most cases the off brands were still less expensive. Needless to say I don't bother anymore. Coupons.com is a decent site though and going directly to sites like Campbell's and Betty Crocker will score you decent coupons for their products.

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There are things that I wont buy unless I have a coupon... like yogurt. Things like cereal I'll actually spend more on it with a coupon because it has less sugar then the cheaper brands.

I found quiet a few coupons in the mail today and will take them shopping with us, if it doesn't save me money then I put it in the coupon bin at the store so some one else can.

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You can go to the manufacturer's website and you can usually find a coupon there. There are so many different sites for coupons. google it. I also shop at Costco and they send me a coupon book every month. Surprisingly I am able to use many of the coupons in there. Buying in bulk saves cash and with a coupon you are golden!

Tracy - posted on 11/09/2010




I love coupons...I go to this web-site: www.havingfunsaving.blogspot.com to check out which stores are having sales and the coupons that match! You can usually print the coupons right from the site! There are a ton of other money saving tips on there as well. I check it out a couple times a day :) It really helps me with my budget and it allows me to donate more to our local food bank.

Brooke - posted on 11/08/2010




i spent 120 at Market Basket and saved 37 dollares using coupons! it is well worth it.

Karen - posted on 02/23/2009




Thanks. I googled coupons an got to couponmom.com That seems pretty useful! I just have to start saving the coupon packets from the paper to use it. :)

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