is it only my child that wont sleep??? argh! am getting at the most 3 hours a night!


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Megan - posted on 11/22/2009




My son used to wake up every hr at night until he was around 6 months old, he is now nearly 8 months old. I went and got some advice on how to get him to sleep. First of all was to up his solids (I dont know how old your son is) and then I had a strict routine of Bath, Boob and Bed (the three Bs as my mum calls it). I was putting my son to bed around the same time as you but then I was told that it was way too late to be putting him bed and that he's probably over tired. After listening to his advise I altered what he said and applied it to my son and Im happy to say he sleeps around 12hrs at night.

Jessica - posted on 11/20/2009




im not to sure how old your son is but from my experience and baby that sleeps well during the day will sleep better and longer at night, they reason for this is that a baby that does not sleep enough during the day will usually be over tired and find it very hard to get to sleep and once they are they are very restless and find it hard to stay asleep. My advice to you would be to encourage sleep during the day, depening on how old your son is will depend on how much he needs.

The bedtime routine is also a key to a long stretch of sleep try and feed him a half an hour before he is due to go down for the night and if you can make his bed time about 7-8pm, because babies sleep in cycles the key is for them to know how to go back to sleep too.

If you like you can send me a message andi can let you know how much sleep your baby need for his age and a really good routine you can try to see if it helps.

My son was only sleeping 4-5 hours if i was lucky, once i got him on the routine he now sleeps from 7pm till about 6:30-7am on the odd occasion he would wake for a bottle at about 4 or 5am but now he will sleep right through.

good luck hun and just let me know if you want any more info =)

Annya - posted on 11/20/2009




hmmm, well i'm not too sure what would disrupt your little one so much.

would anything have changed that would affect his routine?

maybe he's not "tired" at 9pm now - my son pulled that one on me.

he used to not be able to go to "bed" till around 11, however hard i tried putting him down earlier.

do you breastfeed? formula?

maybe he's not getting enough to fill his tummy for a good stretch of sleep.

there's a lot of little factors that could be causing this off the top of my head that depend on what you've been doing in the past:

nightlight, temperature, bathing products, type of formula if that's type of feeding, gassiness, clothing/diapers that are too small, napping too close to bedtime, "downtime" before his bedtime bath, a sickness, maybe? (cold)....

Angela - posted on 11/20/2009




I used to have that issue with my 2 month old daughter. What worked for me was to start a schedule for her throughout the day to keep her awake and active in 3 hr increments of feeding, playtime, and naptime so by 7p she's out cold until around 2am to feed, diaper then sleep til 7a. It doesn't matter what time he goes down and having that bedtime routine is key also but make your baby stay awake and you'll be able to go back to getting 6-7 hrs a night.

Lauren - posted on 11/20/2009




see my son has a routine he's fed, bathed and clothed ready for his bed time which is 9 n he did use to sleep for maybe 7-8hours and now am lucky if he gets 15mins. x

Annya - posted on 11/20/2009




my son is just over 2 months old & has started sleeping about 7 hours at a stretch at night (usually 9pm-4am), then up for a feeding, just to go back to sleep around 5am-7am.

i guess it depends on what you're doing as a nighttime routine.

i realized that if i had a scheduled nighttime routine, my son caught on that it was bedtime & would sleep for an amazing stretch of time.

i usually try to minimalize the chaos around 8pm - quietly playing with him without a lot of noise/distractions in the house.

then, around 830pm, he's enjoying a quiet bath with johnson's lavender bedtime soap.

(i think this really calms him down - makes me want to sleep sometimes, too!)

usually he's out around 9pm, given a massage with the same lavender lotion, put into a clean diaper & nice, clean pj's.

i breastfeed until he falls asleep, burp him, feed him again if he wakes up -

then he's usually out like a light to lay him down in his crib for a couple of hours!

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