Looking for a job that I can stay at home any one know of any ?

Kandace - posted on 11/14/2012 ( 9 moms have responded )




Looking for a stay at home job a have a three yr old with really bad skin and just want to be with her to monitor her scratching anyone know of any jobs.


Angela - posted on 11/19/2012




If any of you want to learn how to make some extra income and become job optional and can also win trips...inbox me and leave me your email address and i will send you the info...it's a Leadership Orgnaization called LIFE...my hubby and I love it and I think you guys will too...just inbox me if you have anymore questions...

Lisa - posted on 01/03/2013




Hello Kandace! I am a stay at home mom and I am also a leader with a brand new company called South Hill Designs. We sell beautiful lockets and charms. Visit my blog at www.celebratingeverydaywithstyle.com and my website at www.southhilldesigns.com/lisachelius. You can also visit me on facebook at www.facebook.com/inspirationswithlisachelius. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more at (610) 914-4199. Blessings, Lisa Chelius, Direct to Company Presidential Founding Leader


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Katina - posted on 11/08/2016




Would you be interested in watching a video that helps you save money while shopping and earn cash as well

Teresa Ann - posted on 03/01/2013




Hello Kandace,
Nice to meet you! I have worked from home since 2008 check out my profile and message me here or on my Facebook link.

Albena - posted on 12/26/2012




Hi Kandace, Yardmama is a new online marketplace for buyers and sellers to discover one another. The site is looking for “Independent Sales Agents”, to help spread the word about the Yardmama website. If you already like going to yard sales, garage sales, flea markets, consignment shops, estate sales, or you like finding second hand bargains, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Share your enthusiasm, promote the website, and earn money. No earnings cap. Compensation is on a revenue per sale (commission) basis. Set your own hours and working environment. No restrictions on the client base you may target. Work from anywhere in the U.S.A.. You can earn between $10 - $2,500+ per month. See more at http://yardmama.com/about and click on “Careers” or send an email to sales@yardmama.com.

User - posted on 12/15/2012




I have looked and looked online for things because i stay home too, but seemed like they were all scams and wanted me to pay money out first before I started and to me that is no job.

Are you crafty? like have you tried making jewelry, keychains, wreaths (for any holiday), cards (bday, invitations, etc).
My sister actually makes money at selling things personalized. She has a machine that makes the stickers to put on things like cups, crayon boxes, binders, pictures, all kinds of stuff. You dont have to do stickers you can use paint, like on wine glasses and you can find those really cheap.
Alot of people here make their own laundry soap and sell it 10 per 5 gal bucket. You can make money off them if you can find free or super cheap buckets, (I tried this)
Alot of people also sell the paracord bracklets, keychains, necklaces. They are super easy to make and also somehting good to make money on if you can find a good customer base.
Babysitting- if you know anyone and can also watch their kids through the week or everynow and then.
their is also a website called freelancing.com and on their people post up jobs they are needing done, and they will let so many put in their resume and they will chose who they want to help them with the job. I havent done this yet because there were alot of things I was not familiar with, but you may be. Alot of the jobs I saw were all online and htey wanted you to keep track of their companies (various things) and create documents for them. but there are many many jobs on there, you just have to look around.

Hope you find something, if you do repost I am always looking to find more ways of making money!

Kamia - posted on 11/19/2012





Hi Kandace,

I would love to help you out. I work from home around my family. We have time freedom and a residual income. Our company is really different than most companies, our competitors are the grocery store brands, P & G. Colgate etc. We are not an MLM, party plan, I am not a distributor, I don't sell products, take orders, deliver or collect money. Our company does all that for us.

What I do is market for the company of over 400 Green Consumable products. Some with 1st in the World discoveries. We are 27 years old. Debt free in 15 countries, Did over 1 Billion in annual sales last year. . This works because of our compensation plan and the most amazing products out there. As a business model we have a 95% monthly re-order rate. That is because this is no new money for anyone, they are already shopping for the types of products that we have. The only way for you to hear about us is if someone shares the information, Most people are just happy customers and never tell a soul, others like myself after being a customer for a year decided that I need to share this with everyone that I cared about. I would love to share everything with you. We do have a promotion this month if you refer 8 family or friends by the end of the month you will receive $1,000 on December 15. 10 days before X-Mas.

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