Making my own baby food...

Michelle - posted on 01/31/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




I'm plainning on making my own baby food. Any suggestions on if I should go with a food processor or one of the babyfood kits? Also, which food processor do you all recommend?


Kimberley - posted on 02/03/2010




Magic bullet and a food mill ( not everything can go in the bullet, like potatoes- they turn to glue)

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Hi! I just used the blender, or a fork, depending on baby's age. That was all I needed. Check out

Aubrey - posted on 02/02/2010




i used a cuisine art handy prep processor. i got this big one for when i was making batches of stuff then this little 1 cup 10 dollar one for quick mashed banannas or avacados or whatever. I also got a little coffee grider for the grains and made our own cereals by grinding barley or millet or oats and adding it to boiling water. We invested in a deep frezer for 100 bucks and it made the biggest difference in the world i would make food once a month spend the day doing it but it was so worth it to have it all ready to go for me. I would bake the food in the oven or steam it on the stove then blend it until it was the texture of what she was eatting at that point ( mushy 6m-12m) ( chunky 1yr-16m) then i would put it into ice trays and freeze them . Once frozen i would then take these ziplock freezer bags that have this vaccume seeler and put the cubes in the bags and put them back in to the freezer. Using the deep frezer rather than the one that comes with your fridge the food stays good for 6months instead of 1 month. Now that shes older the freezer comes in handy saving money for our family because i buy all of our meats in bulk at the butchers or a wholesale club like cost co or BJ's.
I used this amazing book called Super baby foods it tells you at what age your baby is ready for each kind of food and different recipies for grains and ect.. it also shows you how to step by step make and store different kinds of foods. and when they get older it has great ways to save money by making your own chalk or crayons or wipes for diapers. its a awesome book hope this helps if you ever have any questions let me know!

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I used both a food processor and hand crank. The hand crank is great when baby is ready to eat what you made for dinner or travel.
I loved ice cube trays to freeze stuff in. Puts right portion out for you. Also, I would cut fruit cubes into super fine pieces for morning (DD loved it and was awesome for teething). I would also take out stuff for lunch and dinner and let it thaw. Super easy. Super healthy. Super cheap!

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I would suggest an immersion blender. I just cook the food in the pot, then dunk the immersion blender, and voila! Creamy, yummy, homemade by Mommy food. Far less clean-up too!


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Melissa - posted on 01/31/2010




I have a small hand crank baby food kit...not so much fun! I then tried a small food processor which did not give me the consistency I wanted. I then used my blender, which has a 'liquefy' setting and it worked like a charm! I thought the kit was bogus! But I was given the kit, haven't looked at any others, not sure if some are better.

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I used my food processor. No need to spend the extra money. I found some containers that were plastic with a hinged lid that could go in the freezer. They were very convinet, they held about 2oz. I found them to be nice because I would make a bunch of food on Sunday and have it for the week. Just steam your veggies and blend them and your all set togo. Good luck

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I just used my food processor. I would use cooked vegies, or meats and usually mix them with peaches or applesauce. Particularly in the beginning. My son really liked it.

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