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Jennifer - posted on 07/07/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi everyone. I am Jennifer, I am 24 and I have a 5 year old. I am currently engaged to a wonderful man. Right now we do not have a set wedding date other than its going to be in 2012. And I am looking for some helpful tips or hints about saving for the wedding, and also how to cut some costs for the wedding. I want a beach wedding, and most of my family and wedding party live out of state. We are having my sister make our wedding cake (she graduated from the culinary institute last year), my fiances mother marry us (she is an ordained minister), and one of my mother's co-workers do our pictures (she does photography for a hobby). And we might have a possible house that we can rent out for a week.
But than that's all that I have. And I am not looking for an extravegant wedding, just something simple that will last a lifetime. I also would like some input as to what the most expensive parts of a wedding are. And what would be a good amount of wedding part members (bridesmaids/groomsmen).
Any tips or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you in advance!! :-)


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I kept my wedding costs way down but the one thing I did not scrimp on was the photography. You will be surprised how fast the ceremony and even reception all seem and how much you won't remember or might miss in all the hubbub if you don't have a good record of the occasion.


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One thing that I did to save money was to hand-make most of my items (centerpieces, favors, gifts, decorations, and invitations). The most costly part of my wedding was the reception. We had it at a hotel where you pay per person and they set everything up and make the food and yadda yadda. It was a good package deal, but the problem fell where we had SO MANY GUESTS! Our wedding was 300 ppl, and I couldn't believe it. That was just family, church, and close friends! It paid off in the end though, because we got so many gifts (and $9000 in cash and shopping cards!). So, to keep it small, invite only the necessary ppl and keep everything cute and simple. I think that 3 members on each side is a nice number (maid of honor, and 2 bridesmaids). It looks much better than just two, and the more ppl in the wedding party, the more ppl you have to buy gifts for! lol.... and I agree with Myloe. Don't skimp on photography. We "saved money" by having my father in law and his brother do the photos.... I really wish we hadn't. We have good pictures, but nothing like someone who would hire someone especially for weddings. Also, one thing we wished we had done was to pay for the videography. I'm really bummed that we don't have it on video..... We did a fancy and funny dance for our first dance at the reception and we only have pictures to remember it.... Pictures just don't capture it like a video!

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