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I know it's not always easy to do but if your able, plan your meals a week in advance that way when you go grocery shopping you know what you need for the whole wk or two wks which keeps you from buying alot of un-necessary things and spending more then you need too because you don't know what you want for dinner.


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I wanna start doing that, just paying cash for stuff. I figured that, that will help out with stuff and keep you from going over because you know exactly how much you spent.

Melissa - posted on 06/23/2009




We do the same thing and I find that it has cut of bills almost in half. Plus, I am only going once (maybe twice- for fresh veggies) a week. We seperate all of our money into different areas - savings, food, gas, entertainment and bills - and only spend cash and when you are out, you're out. It seems to work really well. You definitly think twice about needless purchases when you look in your wallet and see that you only have X amount of dollars left. Plus it has saved us lots of money in banking fees as we are not using our debit cards at all!

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