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Where are some places that you ladies save all you can, so that you can spend that little bit extra somewhere else?

For me, we cut back out gas expenditures. With one car, we do as few trips as possible and fill up only once every 2 weeks. So for us that is about $120 a month. On top of that we get 10 cents off gas when we get it through our grocery store.

We get reduced price swimming lessons through our Y. I have two kids, so we average about $68 for two kids for 7 classes each.

Right now we are potty training our toddler. Diapers are now getting in the way while we are out (she wears undies at home), so one splurge has been pull ups. Even then we use a coupon when we can.

Another is our zoo pass. At $85 year (thankfully both kids are free for one more year), it is worth it. It is by far our favorite spot.

The last big splurge for us is my husband's clothes. He is such an odd shape that we have to spend a bit more on clothes for him. We have to go to specialty shops, otherwise he'll "hulk" out of shirts. Since he is the smaller size in the store it is next to impossible to find his size in clearance.


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Swlkr50 - posted on 09/03/2012




We used to eat out 2-4x times a week, now we are down to maybe 1-2x a month. We also made the investment in a home gym and cancelled our gym membership. Redbox has become our best friend, we get a movie for under $2, make dinner at home and call it a date night. I am not sure if this is considered a splurge but we opted to pay more for a church daycare for DS vs a in-home daycare which would have been free (sister-in-law). We thought it was more important for him to be around other kids and a structure learning environment.

Ashley - posted on 08/31/2012




These are ways I've saved money! I use Netflix streaming instead of cable. I got the cheapest internet I could. I find cheap, easy, and nutritious meals to prepare (I used to pay a lot more for groceries!). Joined the rewards program for the gas station we use the most because we get points for our purchases there (including gas) and eventually can get rewards. Trying to turn off lights/tv/etc when not in use to reduce electricity...using florescent bulbs now. Thrift stores are my friend now lol, saved a lot by signing up for Goodwill...get 5% off our purchases plus we get two 25% off cards each year because of our birthdays. Cut waaaaaay back on eating at restaurants! Stopped having a lead foot when it comes to driving...gas goes a long way now, and taking the highway to work seems to help. Bringing lunch to work instead of ordering take out. Bought a juicer for thirty bucks and I save on buying juice...bought an iced tea maker so I'm not buying iced tea anymore (I used to buy both of these things a LOT!). If I can walk somewhere instead of driving, I will.

Dawn - posted on 08/14/2012




DIY anything and everything! Grow my own herbs. I haven't been brave enough to try growing produce, yet. Reduce, reuse, recycle. I make my own cleaning and beauty products. Cook at home and make plans for all leftovers.

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