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Amber - posted on 11/22/2008 ( 1 mom has responded )




i'm sure there are other moms out there that are better at this then me, but i'm new to it all. i clip coupons and search add for the best sales. plus i try to drive as little as i can and use as little electricity as i can. i have knocked off 30 dollars from our bill, and got to where i save about 30 dollars every trip to the store!!


Christy - posted on 11/22/2008




One of the biggest money saver for me: cloth diapers!! I've been using the G-diapers w/ cloth insets. I've also become very water concious and instead of rinsing the dishes w/ the water running, I run a sink of water and rinse in the sink prior to putting in the dishwasher. This may sound a little gross, but I also flush every other time I use the potty (but only if it's just #1). We have a HE washing machine which also saves on alot on water. Your lawn doesn't need to be watered every day, and even less when it's dorment in the winter.

Switch to florscent light bulbs=huge savings.

Two other things I've done to save money was to switch to a Diva cup (instead of tampons) and I've recycled old nursing pads and using these in leiu of disposable cotton cosmetic pads. Check out your 99 cent store, great resource for cleaning supplies, storage containers, toys, coloring books, playdough, gardening supplies, and even things like writable DVD's (I use them for my digital photo storage). For kids clothes, the thrift store is a great resource, and I've found some fantastic deals at Target clearance. I have a mini exchange program w/ clothes w/ some other mom's I've met thru CafeMom, and some personal friends-what goes around comes around.

Think reuse reduce and recycle.

We used to poke fun at my grandma for reusing old food containers and jars, who knew she was being green!

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