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my 9 &10 want a science b- day party there b-days are 3 days apart and we have one party for both of them


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One idea, that I've used with a group of 5 to 7 year olds. To show a use of air and make it 'visiable'. Get a bottle of cheap lemonade and empty it into a clear container, e.g. glass bowl. Add to it some raisins/currents/moth balls and wait. The raisins then should start 'dancing' in the lemonade as the carbon dioxide 'lifts' them to the top and then when the bubbles have popped the raisins sink to the bottom of the bowl to start again.

Make some parachutes. Get a piece of paper and attach four pieces of string to the corners and tie/attach the other ends of the string to a heavier object. Then drop from different locations. The paper could be changed for a piece of suitable material. Worth experiementing.

Another experiment that I've found - but haven't tried myself. It's called magic matchsticks. Pour some clean water into a bowl and get some used matches. Lay the matches on the water in a 'circle' with the used bits pointing inwards. (Bit like a star). Dip a sugar lump into the water and see what happens. The sugar absorbs some of the water causing a small current which pulls the matches towards the sugar. Then dip a small piece of soap into the middle of the water. The matches should move away. Why - the soap lowers the surface tension at the centre of the water and the stronger surface tension at the edge pulls the matches outwards.

You could also make something like bath salts or something else that smells nice like lavendar bags - explaining the science behind them.

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Depending on whether they like "gross" stuff or not you could make a lab table of touchable organs and parts like a jello brain, dried carrots as toes, dried apple for a heart, etc. We do this type of stuff for halloween and the kids love it but it would be great at a science party too... You could even use the dried apple heart, let it float in a jar of tonic water and put it under a black light and it will glow.

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That sounds like so much fun. You could give out little magnifying glasses in the treat bag. you could do several science experiments as activities, I would look for science activities by googling lesson plans for simple science activities. maybe make goop or gak, or even a simple volcano with baking soda and vinegar. fun stuff. make a punch to drink that bubbles. have fun with it and good luck. They are at an age to have a lot of fun with these activities.

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