unless its hot dogs,grilled cheese or chicken i cant get my 8 yr old to eat dinner.what should i do?


Trindy - posted on 04/22/2010




I agree with Michelle, my son is seven and I stuffed up with his refusal to eat what the rest of us were having. But after watching a program called the un PC way of Parenting. That said don't give the option. Either eat what everyone is having or go hungry. This really works as HUNGRY KIDS DO EAT.
Naturally there are a few allowances you will have to make along the way, like allergies, texture and there are just some foods that people don't like. For example - Mashed pototoes, I don't like them because of texture so I take my pototo out before mashing, no extra work or food just served different.
When my son refuses to eat, pushing it away and saying I don't like it, we don't force him to eat, but he has to stay at the table with the rest us until we all finished. Every time he ends up eating his food as his rejection is more due to wanting to go and play not because he doesn't like it. When he realises he not able to play or watch TV anyway he eats.


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Laura - posted on 04/26/2010




Dido Girls! I was going to post my answer, but I think most of you hit the nail on the head! Good luck Jolene!

Serena - posted on 04/25/2010




I have always said if my kids were picky eaters they would starve. My 9 year old will eat just about anything I cook but if there are certain foods he doesn't like I will make an exception. Of course my kids are not typical they like brussell sprouts and liver lol. Most all veggies they like. We have a one bite rule. They have to eat at least one bite of a new food or they don't leave the table. I know it is hard but I do agree make them eat what you cook or you are going to be running your meal times like you are a short order cook and that makes it harder on you. I pick my battles. We don't have a lot of money so wasting a food is a no no in my house. Good luck to you I know it is hard to change a childs mind into trying new things.

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I agree completely with Michelle McDilda, my kids have all gone through this fad at some point, and believe me they will eat when they r hungry. But say no to snacks till they eat their meals properly. At 8 yrs old kids know what they r doin!!

Joni - posted on 04/23/2010




Stop making hot dogs, grilled cheese, and chicken. If he's hungry, he'll eat.

Samantha - posted on 04/23/2010




One thing that I tried with my kids, and it seemed to work out in favor, is to let them plan a meal a week. I would give them the recipes or get a book about different meal options from the local library. Sometimes seeing the picture of the meal gets them more interested. Then they would choose what they wanted for "their meal day." At first they would give me some crazy options, but after awhile they started to surprise me with their choices. I even tried some new dishes that have since become family favorites. If you give them a say in what they may want even one day a week, they may not fight so much about the other days. My son who is 15 now has 2-3 days a week and he even cooks them himself (with a little help of course). Good luck and remember this too is yet another phase.

Aliska - posted on 04/22/2010




I agree with Michelle and Trindy, cook what you want the family to eat and don't give him choices, either he eats or goes hungry. Make sure snacks between meals are limited and are things like fruit and don't allow snacks after dinner if he hasn't eaten a reasonable amount. Start with smaller portions of the 'new' dinners as large amounts are daunting to fussy eaters. Watch the milk consumption between meals also so he doesn't fill up on that either. Eight year old boys are usually pretty active so he must be hungry. No kid will starve themselves to death when food is available. Also if he makes a big deal about not liking his food, complaining, pushing his plate away etc, ignore him as much as possible. Negative attention is better than none at all. Get on with eating your dinner and family conversation so that he learns that only positive behaviour at the table (ie eating, joining in the conversation etc) will get attention.

Christina - posted on 04/22/2010




A few more ideas of what you could do is spice up those dishes! Use turkey dogs, sausages, or brawts rather than beef. Or try putting them into something else she might like, spagetti, macn cheese, pasta. One other thing you could dt o is make her the food she likes but put something that doesnt taste good on it, like a spice or seasoning so she doesnt notice, then when she doesnt eat her maybe she would want to eat what you have!?

Colleen - posted on 04/21/2010




I have an 11 year old and I used to fight with her to eat the same supper as we were eating. It's a stage not to want to try new foods. Unfortunately for her there's still some stuff she refuses to eat and most cooked vegetable's. For a while I would cook her a whole separate supper and now I stopped doing that. Now, I make her try what we're eating and give her raw carrots with ranch dressing for a veggie. If I know I'm making a potato of any kind then i'll make her a different side because it's not worth the fight, she just doesn't like them. I sometimes look at her and say u know my parents didn't give me a choice, so just be quiet and try it. lol

There has been some things of made that she has looked at n said that is gross what is in that, I say " I 'm not telling u what's in it until you've tried it. she tries it and ends up most of the time liking it.

Michelle - posted on 04/21/2010




Dont rearrange your dinner plans just because your 8 year old wants to be defiant and NOT eat what you prepare!! Children will only do what you allow them to....and it sounds like you have allowed your child to eat this junk. What I would do is cook dinner (spaghetti, roast beef, etc)....dont go out of your way to cook something different for your child just because they dont like what you cooked. Tell them that they will eat what you cooked for dinner or they will be hungry. If they choose not to eat then C'est la vie!!! Tell them that when they are hungry you will save some spaghetti (or whatever is for dinner that night) for them but they wont be getting a hot dog or grilled cheese....they will eat what everyone else is eating. I know this sounds harsh...but Im a no nonsense kind of mom. I dont put up with behavior like that. Good luck~

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