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i decided to start keeping track close track of my budget with 4 kids,a car note,am=nd our ever growing expenses its hard to throw money away,so i started taking advice from other savers and myself here are some things you can do to save:1. if you order off the internet,go to www,retailmenot.com and log in and look up the name of the website you are ordering from and see if they offer COUPON and if they don't you csn have there name on your orofile so when coupns do come up they'll email you 2.keep a small notebook on you and write down everything you'll be amazed how you spend 3. clip and print coupons and take the money that you save and put it in a jar i am currently saving loose change in a large pickle jar i find so much change in my waher and dryer and i ask my friends who don't save change to donate to me,it does add up 4.layaway layaway layaway,i love layaway i am layaway queen:) 5.go to your local goodwill they have nice gently used clothes all you have to do is rewash them to put your smell on them that is how i built up my kids wadrobe and they looked very nice 6.i watch youtube for all kinds of tips,i'm a wig diva:) i cannot afford the beautican so my wigs allow me to create different looks i look put together and i get alot of compliments,also i get good hairtips,style,manicure,pedicure designs,receipes,etc from youtube i love it!! also if your friends or relatives have children older than yours ask for their children's clothes it does save and your kids will look good trust its gonna be hard but you can do it!! any other suggestions is greatly appreciated


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Tracy - posted on 08/16/2010




another thing that I have really saved with is "freecycle". There are groups all over. They are based out of yahoo (at least ours is) and I found our local one by just doing a search. I have received furiture, clothes, kids toys etc etc. People just post things that they no longer need or want and when you see something you respond. Of course you won't get everything you respond to as there are others also requesting it but it has sure helped us out.

Leah - posted on 08/11/2010




Alot of great tips moms! Thanks! The only thing I didn't see that I do is our local Walmart up here in Canada does price matching. So I rummage through the flyers we get in the Sunday paper and find stuff that I'll be buying anyways and price match. Once I calculated that by combining coupons and price matching I saved almost $30! Very proud of myself. Good luck and happy saving!

Connie - posted on 08/11/2010




About using coupons when things are on sale...I use the store coupon and the manufacturer coupon together for an item. You can't use multiple mfr coupons for one item, but my grocery stores allow you to use theirs and the mfr together like that. For example, if I need a 2-lb bag of carrots that normally costs $3.99 and the store has a coupon deal of BOGO AND I have a mfr coupon for 50 cents, my two bags of carrots only cost $3.49 instead of $7.98 (less than half)! Love this way of shopping!

Candi - posted on 08/10/2010




Most people avoid expensive stores, like Dillard's. You might be shocked! I go there and find lots of dresses for my girls on sale all the time!. We go to church every week and my kids grow like weeds, so we are always having to buy new dresses. Most stores will put their summer dresses on sale at the end of the summer too, so we buy ahead for the next summer...making good guesses on size! Its worth shopping around

Swethasivakumar - posted on 08/10/2010





i've read ur suggestions to save money, bt i think we shouln't compramise ourselves while buying for our kids. getting older dresses for our cute ones not sounds good yar.... sorry to say this, we can reduce our beauty improvement expences. :) just my suggesion...

Candi - posted on 08/08/2010




we buy in bulk. We hve 3 kids and they get allowance, so we stopped buying "extras", such as games, silly bandz, toys, non-necessary clothes, etc. If my kids want it, they save their allowance and purchase it. That has saved TONS of money. My husband takes his lunch to work, my kids take lunch to school (at school its $2/day), we also plan our dinner menu for a week. We buy all the ingredients at once. It takes us to the grocery store once a week. I will buy a big bag of pretzels or goldfish and put them in snack sized ziplock bags for the kids to snack on. Tht way the kids don't end up filling up before dinner. I buy our clothes in the off season. Saving my change in a jar adds up fast! Just a bunch of little things end up being so much! I am amazed at what we save...it allows us to afford little emergencies such at auto repair, vet bills, etc.

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Urban curbage: Things that people toss when they're moving or redecorating and put on the curb. I know a guy who got a whole living room set in a nice neighborhood once. He knocked on the door, and they just didn't want that color furniture anymore, so put it out for the garbageman. My brother has gotten lawn furniture, too.

I have a saver's card for the grocery stores I frequent.

I buy things that are on sale and I have coupons for.

I buy coupon items on the double-coupon days and things that I can't get with coupons (produce and some meats) in bulk if I can.

I make up a list on the back of a window envelope and store the coupons inside so the coupons are handy. It cuts down on impulse buys.

I also take in the coupon box, since there might be tear-off coupons that I may find on items at the store and I can "stack" tear-offs with the regular coupons from the manufacturer.

I have a friend who has a garden, and I use whatever produce she gives me right away or freeze what I can't.

I wish I gardened so I could swap produce; some people put in too many tomatoes or zucchini, others have too many raspberries. You get the idea.

I make freeze-ahead meals when I can get deals on some items, then we can have home-cooked meals in the winter when I'm working. Many cookies can be easily frozen, too.

Jackie - posted on 07/17/2010




I'm a rummage sale queen myself. I love them. I have a 3 year old and my boyfriend just got custody of his 10 year old daughter. Not only do I get great clothes for all of us but thats where we got Hallies bed, dresser, and our dining room table. Youd never know it came from a garage sale. We found our tv stand at a silent auction for $50. Its an antique that is worth over $400. Our microwave plate broke so I found that at a rummage sale for a quarter. Come to think of it our washer, dryer, fridge, stove, sofa, and chairs all came from a rummage sale. I think all together we spent $200 for all of that. They all work great. If you get to them later in the day around closing time theyre more likely to negotiate on their prices too.

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Oh and I just discovered that most local grocery stores give you a discount if you use your own cloth bags as well.

Jennifer - posted on 05/11/2010




You can go to couponsavers.com and I recommend investing in a Sunday paper as they usually have good coupons that are seasonal and stores compete during those times so you get good values sometimes. I am sure there are many more sites and if you happen to find one let me know too!!

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Buying things out of season for yourself (clothing and winter gear etc) on clearance is a good saver and also you can pack it away when you buy it and when you get to the winter bin, its like having some new clothes! Kind of fun and I save lots of nice things. With kids it can be hard to figure in the rapid growth spurts, but a size up or two is usually a good bet. If they start the year with a little baggy its ok as they are sure to grow into it mid year. This has saved me lots of stress and pressure! i save what we save with coupons too and we use it as our family night activity fund for movies and ice-cream or whatever we choose and its fun to get the kids involved. My son finds recycled cans and keeps them to add to the fund too! I am amazed at how much I save at using coupons I NEED!! That is key. :) Last one is I grocery shop with sale ads and making menus for the week. It controls the need to buy too much unneccary things. I stock up in the winter in case of storms, but other than that.. even snacks get preplanned. I also cook in larger quantities and freeze what I do not use. It saves time and money and makes leftovers seem like less of a drag. :)

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I buy certain products in bulk at Costco, clip coupons for store items (I also get a lot of them in the mail), shop more at the Farmer's market (when in season), started making my own bread, I also shop at thrift stores or buy on sale items for my son, just had a garage sale and got rid of a lot of stuff (and made a good chunk of change!) We don't eat out very much, I cook everything mostly from scratch, no preboxed or processed foods, which can be spendy.

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