what can i do to have fun with a family of 6 that isn't expensive?

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what can i do to have fun with a family of 6 that isn't expensive?


Stacy - posted on 04/21/2010




If your family is interested in bowling, try registering at kidsbowlfree.com. Each child can bowl 2 free games a day during the length of the program. You can also purchase a family pass (for the adults) for $25, but it isn't required.

You can also look at factorytoursusa.com for local companies who give tours. Some charge a fee, some don't.

If you have a GPS, you could try geocaching (a scavanger hunt using a GPS). It's free. To find hidden boxes in your area, check out geocaching.com.

If you want to eat out, check out mykidseatfree.com for places in your area that offer free meals for kids.

I would also keep an eye on your city's website or watch the local newspaper for upcoming festivals.

I live in the Minneapolis area. They offer free concerts and movies in various parks: http://www.minneapolisparks.org/default.... I used to live in Vermont - even our small town there had a family movie night on Thurs in the park. I would check out your local parks and recreation dept to see what they have planned for the summer months.

For the younger members of your family, you could look into storytime at your local library.

Hope this gives you some ideas!

Rebecca - posted on 04/18/2010




i know were your at i to have a family of six we like to go on scavinger hunts threw our neighbor hood after dinner. the kids love it. we make a list a head of time of things to look for like a blue flower a brick house a cat just about any thing let the kids help make the list. we plan a picknick lunch like cold cuts pbj and head the park eat then spend the after noon playing just about every thing from play gyms to sports. make up games to play in the yard as a family we like to plan cook outs were we plan theams from under the sea the kids run around in bathing suits playing in the wading pool and we eat fish. my girls like to plant flowers and food gardens...i hope this helps or gives you ideas on how to have fun with little to no money


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Jenifer - posted on 05/04/2010




Sounds like these ladies have given you some great ideas. I am always looking for cheap or free things to do with our family as well. There is a blog that I follow called "Frugal Family Blog" and she has cute ideas for cheap fun too, if you are interested.
Good Luck and God Bless!

Leah - posted on 05/03/2010




Try Letterboxing. It is so much fun. People all over the world do this so I am sure there are letterboxes in your community. People all over the world plant "boxes" in forest preserves, stores...all over the place. They record it on http://www.atlasquest.com/ and then you get to go find it. It is a great scavenger hunt type event. All you need is a family signature stamp, note pad & pen.

April - posted on 04/29/2010




Denise-I used to live near the dc area and miss all of the wonderful resources we had there! We are a family of 7 and all of the suggestions are wonderful. Also, the community center often posts family friendly activities that are low cost or free. Our family loves inviting friends over with their kids for cookouts or potluck-kids all play together, parents arent stressed about everything being fancy or perfect. Just enjoying each others company-in the evening, we make a big bowl of pop corn, get the sleeping bags and have kids watch a movie while the adults talk or play board games

Jessica - posted on 04/25/2010




Family of 6 here also- I like to take the kids to the local natural attractions. We have a bluff and a waterfall, a natural rock bridge and a huge climbing rock, all within 30 minutes of home. We make a day of it, and the kids adore picnics. We like to take silly pictures of one another during our outings. We go fishing and hiking also. Maybe check out your local tourist information for the free attractions in the area. Sometimes we just go outside to have our supper, the kids think it's wonderful.

Serena - posted on 04/25/2010




make things like your own playdough or you can make your own pinata and then let the kids bust it open. Stuff it with fun stuff you can afford. google fun activities for kids and you can get lots of ideas. We camp at state parks when we camp they are fairly inexpensive and a great get away. Look for ones close to home so gas expense won't be a problem. Fishing is one of our favorite past times if you live near places you can go fishing.

Catherine - posted on 04/25/2010




we have always camped.. when we travel.. Can't afford to camp .. Camp in the back yard... or your living room.. camping makes great fun for kids anywhere.

we are only a family of 4.. but we didn't have money for many things.. we went to local events that were often free admissions.. and local sites to see.. it was a way to do things as a family and enjoy the time.

just remember memories are what you make them. my kids remember some of the things that I didn't see as special.. but they did.. fun is what you make it .... even in your own kitchen cooking dinner. you can make it special.. each child gets their night to help mom in the kitchen..

my DD remembers helping me cook.. wash dishes.. and vacume.. all good and fun memories for her...

as they get older ..board games.. make it game night or game time. let the kids take turns choosing the game for the night.

there are many ways to have fun.. with out spending money.

of course then one day my dd says to me, "you and daddy hoard money.. " I replied that that "hoarded" money.. was paying her college tuition bills.. she quickly stopped that complaint... LOL

Joni - posted on 04/23/2010




We love camping out! It's a great overnight trip. We just got a tent from a yard sale, but before that we borrowed a tent from a friend.

Denise - posted on 04/21/2010




I have a family of six with a baby on the way! We are fortunate where we live in Arlington, VA. We are close to DC. We have access to loads of free museums and even the zoo here is free just the cost of parking. But even closer to home we have lots of parks ranging in sizes and even more hiking trails and such. With the weather getting better now we like to do outdoor things. When we first moved here we didn't know many places. So we would get in the car and drive around town, through different neighborhoods looking for parks/playgrounds. When we spotted one we would stop and go have a fun time. We did this so much we started keeping track of our faves. We even have three parks in our area that our spraygrounds or have sprinklers to play in. For home, I like to rent movies from Redbox for $1 each and we have movie night with popcorn and ice cream. We don't do the movie theatres anymore except for maybe twice a year when we go to $1 movie theatre in town. The movies are almost ready for DVD but not quite and better on the big screen. We also pay attention to festivals and events around the area to attend which are usually free and give out freebies to the kids. We usually pack our own snacks and drinks. My hubby likes to take our kids and some neighborhood kids to the park by their school and play baseball or tag or even football while I work. My family and I found this great buffet place that has kid's night free on Friday. Two kids per adult and for $25 we feasted, had great fun and conversation and even took pictures for momentos. We also like to go hikingin the summer through the trails. There ar exhausting but we use teamwork and determination to make the trails. Plus there is this sense of danger that the kids love. Please take a cell (even if no service for 911) and plenty of water. Hope this helps. I know that where you live sometimes makes all the difference. But we are having more fun up in VA than when we lived in sunny FL. There's just more to do here that is free or cheap.

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I only have a family of five, but we like to go to the lake or park when the weathers nice and the kids love to roast hot dogs and marshmellows. this is cheap entertainment and a cheap meal. we also keep an eye on up comming community events. this isn't true for every community we've lived in, but our town has several events through the year that are free and usualy include games and refreshments , also free. Often the zoo and diffrent family fun destinations will let mothers/fathers in free on mothers/fathers day and we can usualy find a coupon on line or even in the yellow pages, with a picnic lunch and water bottles it makes it alot more affordable. Camping at the lake, back yard or livingroom is fun to. When my girls were little we did a sort of scavenger hunt as well through our neighborhood. It was more flowers and pretty things we could put on the table(we lived near public land and some people called our flowers weeds but we loved them). Some of the ideas we got when the kids were young and there was 0 money for anything extra we got from the kids tv shows, diffrent games and outings.

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I also have a family of 6, going on picnics playin baseball with kids, having water balloon fights, just being together thats what is important

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