What do you think about used baby goods?

CP - posted on 11/03/2012 ( 9 moms have responded )




My husband and I are considering purchasing used baby products for the first time and would like to get some feedback on some of the questions that we have. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

-Have you ever purchased a used item for your baby? What are your top three criteria when consider purchasing used baby goods?

-What are your concerns when you buy used baby goods?

-If you haven't bought a used product for your baby, why?


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Toni - posted on 12/21/2012




I buy used stuff for my son all the time.
The only things I say definitely need to be new are car seats and mattresses.
90% of my sons clothes and toys are second hand.

Janise - posted on 12/20/2012




We have twin boys and they're our first. So you can just imagine how expensive that can get! we bought a lot of baby stuff that was on sale. They were not used but they were floor samples. We also received some used baby toys and clothes. I don't see a problem getting used baby stuff as long as they are clean. We bought their cribs brand new. We didn't want to have to deal with possible bed bugs.

Mary - posted on 12/17/2012




I go for clean, not so used items. Clothes, they don't really wear them much. I just make sure they don't smell because I'm a non-smoking around my child mom. Other than that, used items came in pretty handy!

Brittany - posted on 12/04/2012




NEVER for car seats, you can never REALLY know if they were in an accident or anything. Check for recalls/ expiration dates on anything.

Clothing: no stains/ tears/ holes

Toys: no missing pieces, no chewed up/ on stuff.

Basically, I won't buy/ take 2nd hand stuff unless it's something I would be willing to pass on had I bought it.

Liz - posted on 12/04/2012




I love second hand stuff. I am very picky, though. If it looks used, I won't buy it. It is possible to get brand-new looking stuff for very cheap! Be weary of buying used car seats, though. You never know if they've been in a crash. And if buying a used crib, make sure that it contains all the parts, and that it meets current safety requirements. When I was pregnant with my first, we had a lady give us a crib, and I had to just get rid of it because it was so old and the slats were way too far apart. I guess I would say my top 3 criteria for buying used things are this: Looks fairly new, meets safety requirements, and I can wash it somehow when I get it home.

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Second hand is the best! children grow SOOO fast, and really, they only wear the same thing a few times, so why go spend all that money on stuff thats going to get ruined or grown out of. its nice to have some nice stuff and some new stuff, of course, but i really cant see the logic, unless you have lots of $, of buying brand new stuff. Another great reason i like second hand clothing, is because they are already worn in (fitted) and you little one doesnt have to wear stiff jeans right away. you also get high quality clothing for a fraction of the price. Toys and other items, you just have to be picky about. make sure they are safe and up to code. otherwise i tell all the moms i know to shop second hand. of course you take the clothing home to wash it though.

User - posted on 11/18/2012




I get anything I can used simply because they just dont use it for long and I dont have the money to keep up buying new clothes/shoes/etc. every few months. Of course when we get them they are being washed or sanitized before it makes ontat with my son.We do buy somethings new of course, like bottles, my breast pump, socks, anything for bath tub, and anything hygienic like wash clothes, etc. I dont really have any concerns about having used shoes, or clothes, its just a major money saver for me, and thankfully I have nephews that are a few yrs older than mine and they give me alot of their old clothes, so it does make me feel better knowing where it came from, but that doesnt stop me from buying at yardsales or used clothing stores.

I do watch toys because or recalls and if they hav chipping paint I dont buy because it could be lead based. If I had the money though I would buy everything new if I could, I guess it is a safer way with somethings

Kara - posted on 11/15/2012




My girl is starting baby foods and I can tell you there is nothing worse than getting peas or prunes all over her brand new clothes! Weve taken all the hand-me-down bibs, sleeper onezies (weve got a monster nighttime pee-er), and around-the-house onezies we can from friends, yard sales or consignment stores. As long as they dont look TOO worn were happy.

We havent bought used toys, but I know my MIL has been picking up big ones at yard sales. Same idea, as long as they dont look too beat up we take a clorox wipe to it and its ready to play. However, anything small weve bought new, I cant imagine her putting someone elses old toy in her mouth!

I also bought a breastpump used on Craigslist. Hospitals send you home with new breast shields and tubes, although the only part that touches you is the shield. I say go for it! Use the money you save for a pedicure for yourself :)

Melinda - posted on 11/10/2012




I go to consignment/thrift stores for my little guy. Mostly for clothes. You can get some great bargains. I useally know in my mind what I want to purchase.

If it is a toy, stroller, or baby gear chack to see if it is broken, how used the item is, do you really need it.

Some consgnment shops do not take any broken toys or toys that have missing pieces. Check out www.consignmentmommies.com they have listing by state on stores and individual sales.

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