What makes up the majority of your monthly household spending at the store?

Billie - posted on 09/02/2012 ( 9 moms have responded )




When you look at how much you spend each month, what is your biggest expense at the store?


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Denikka - posted on 10/01/2012




Meat. Meat is my biggest expense. I spend....probably about $200 a month in meat. I do look for sales and whatnot, but when I find them, I stock up, so I'm spending about the same amount, just getting more.

After meat, it's diapers. I only have one in diapers now (YAY!) and I spend about $60-$80 on diapers a month (plus about $20 a month in wipes)

Grand total, I spend about $600 a month in groceries+household items every month for two adults and two kids under 4.

That may seem like a LOT to some, but we get a lot of little extras, and I'm still doing WAY better than a lot of other people I know (with and without kids).

Fit2BMe - posted on 10/01/2012





We use cloth diapers, and I was able to breastfeed my so until he was two, and hope to breastfeed this next baby. However, we eat organic produce, whole grains and more natural foods, which costs more money where we are. We don't have an option to grow our own at the moment.

Groceries is a big expense for us.

Clothes we get good quality hand me downs mostly.

Brittney - posted on 09/15/2012




When our daughter was born..diapers and formula. by the time she was 2 months, it was 30 diapers/ day and over 90 ounces of formula/day plus solids (some of it I made). Formula was still a big purchase item until she was1, but diapers were no longer bought (potty trained her by 1). Now I buy tons of fresh fruits/veggies and that is usually about $85/month. I use coupons where necessary.

[deleted account]

Diapers for two kids. We go through a box of 200, in about 5 weeks. The box of 164 last us 2 months since our daughter is being potty trained.

After that I'd say cat litter, we get a more expensive litter since it lasts about a month with out it smelling horrible.

Swlkr50 - posted on 09/03/2012




We have a BJ's wholesale membership which helps a ton, I also signed up with Enfamil and Pampers. I like that I am able to combine a BJ's and a Enfamil or Pampers coupon. We saved $10 a box on formula so we stocked up and got $11 off a box of diapers. I am starting to like couponing.

Billie - posted on 09/03/2012




Do you shop sales, price match or use coupons?

Did you sign up to receive the formula checks from manufacturers?

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