When did you start your infant on solids?

Natalie - posted on 06/24/2012 ( 13 moms have responded )




My son will be five months soon and I'm slightly dreading introducing solids at 6 months. :-( I don't want to lose our nursing time!


Sinclairbrooks - posted on 07/26/2012




The above post is a good guideline. That's about how we did it & then at 11 months took him off of formula & started on whole milk, took completely off of the bottle by 1 year.

Brittney - posted on 07/24/2012




I started at 2 months because Ruby was drinking over 90 ounces of formula a day and was starting to want food every hour again, so I gave her 1 small meal of cereal for dinner and increased solids at 4 months to 3 times a day (she still drank over 60 ounces per day), formula didn't start to decrease until she was nearing 1, she was still getting a little over 50 ounces when she was 1.

I did baby oatmeal cereal 2-3 months
1st purees 4 months
2nds purees 5-6 months
3rds purees 6 months
table foods 6-12 months
'crawler' foods 5-8 months
'toddler' foods 7-10 months
'preschool' foods 9-10 months

once she got to 12 months, everything was 'table foods'

Marci - posted on 07/07/2012




Hey Natalie -

I started at 5 1/2 months simply because I wasn't producing enough breast milk and we had acid reflux issues. Thankfully she was only on meds for it for about 2 months and we fought threw it. I will say that I just started making baby food and it's so simple and you know what is in it! I didn't do this with my first, but I HIGHLY recommend it! I was a test cook this month for Once A Month Mom and made over 8 baby food recipes which will probably last us 2-3 months! I put it in a ice cube tray once it was made and take 2 out per meal. I LOVE it and totally regret not doing this with my first. Good luck ;)

Ashleigh - posted on 07/02/2012




I started feeding my son porridge at 4 months old. Twice a day. In the morning and afternoon. He loved it. I added breast milk. From 5 months he started eating mashed foods at night time. At 6 months he was eating porridge in the morning and mashed fruit at lunch and mashed veg and meat at dinner time. My son is now 11 months old. Still breast feeding him and he loves it. You won't loose any nursing time.
All the best

Katherine - posted on 06/28/2012




I Started around 6 months. So you're good :) You won't lose any nursing time. Just introduce one thing at a time. Still BF.


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Swlkr50 - posted on 09/03/2012




DS is 6 months, he started solids about 2 months ago. I would give him about 1-2 baby spoons of fruits in the beginning. He is now on stage 2 foods (fruits/veggies, yogurt). He will probably continue to do this for the next 2 months until I am ready to start giving him things like mashed potatoes.

Natalie - posted on 08/12/2012




That's great! Thanks so much ladies! I am going to start making my own baby food Marci, great idea on the ice cube trays! I started my son on the rice cereal a week or so ago and we're working our way into the purees this week! And you're all right, still plenty of nursing sessions! :-) Thanks ladies!

Gina - posted on 08/08/2012




At 7 months. Once they hit 6 months they need to get nutrition from other sources besides milk. Solids will also help keep him feeling full for longer periods so he'll sleep longer. You can always add maternal milk to the baby cereal.

I personally found solid food feedings to be extremely fun, it's a different type of bonding time with your baby and your whole family will get to participate as well.

Stephanie - posted on 07/23/2012




i started feeding my son rice cereal and otmeal almost a month ago he will be 4 months on the 9th hes 18 pounds already so my doc said it was a good idea, im still nursing also so for a couple more month till he gets used to eating and he hates water hah

Jill - posted on 07/08/2012




My older son was barely interested in solids. His primary food was breastmilk or formula in a bottle/cup for almost two full years before he started eating table food and milk like a toddler.

My younger son was totally different, and his first table food was steak that he swiped off his dad's plate at 5.5 months, gumming it to death. He also nursed until almost 3 years old, so there was no interruption of nursing time at all.

Kim - posted on 07/07/2012




I believe I had started trying to give my son some before 6 months, maybe around 5? Good luck!

Natalie - posted on 07/02/2012




Thank you ladies, you're very encouraging! My baby is starting to reach for things that I'm eating if he's sitting on my lap or near me, so I know he's curious! We'll start next month, at 6 months, after his check up with the pediatrician to see what to start with first!

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