Yard sales and clearance racks.....

Rosalyn - posted on 01/24/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Well let's see,at the end of January after I've filed my taxes I go to my favorite department stores, many of them have lots of winter clothes on clearance; up to 75% off. This is how I get most of my gifts, I give to extended family, neighbor's, & for x-mas swaps. I also get my childrens coats, gloves, and boots....at very low cost. I take all the goodies and put them in storage for the next year. Just a note I do get larger sizes to ensure a good fit.....

Yard sales; I love yard sales; I try to go to decent neighborhoods were people have taken good care of their stuff and just want to buy more stuff....This is how I get my summer clothes for my two younger children and all of their out door toys.....


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Jenni - posted on 01/25/2009




I've trained my two teenagers that the clearance section in any of their major favorite stores is the FIRST place we start when shopping. Then, to help teach them the value of a dollar, when we get home I have them add up the regular prices from what we bought and figure out how much we saved. My son, who now is working PT during the school year, goes a step further and figures out how many hours he would have had to work to make up the difference if he had paid full price. It's eye-opening and they are always amazed at how many people WILL pay full price and not blink an eye.

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I SWEAR by yard sales and clearance racks. In fact, I think I've only bought an article of clothing for full price a total of four times since I've gotten married (four years ago!!!).

Talk about bigger sizes, when my daughter was one (wearing 9 mo sized clothing), I would purchase shirts that were A-line that were size 3T. At the time, she could wear them with a pair of tights and it looked like a fantastic long dress (came to just above her ankles). Then, the next year, in tights, it was a shorter dress (just above her knees), and now it's a shirt with pants! I got three of these shirts (in three different colors) for $2 each on a clearance rack. For $6, I was able to stretch our clothing budget over the span of 3 years!!!

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