Hi just found out having mono twins at 12 weeks

Lucinda - posted on 12/27/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi everyone, i just had a nuchal translucency scan at 12 weeks, i was shocked when I found out there were 2 babies since my 6 week u/s only showed one. Elation turned to fear when I got home and googled all the info the doc ha given me about mono twins. He told me I will have to be admitted into the hospital at 24 weeks for monitoring and they will take babies by csec at 31 weeks. I just hope my little ones make it til lthen and find i can't think about anything else which is making me nuts. would love to hear from others who have been th rough this or are going through this. thanks so much.


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Hello, first off congrats!!!
I have 4 year old identical twin boys, that were born at 27 weeks. I was admitted to the hospital at 24 weeks where they told me I needed to deliver, My husband and I said no, we kept them cooking for 3 weeks.

I had what is called reverse flow, where one of my twins Nikolai (baby B) would get his nutrients and and then they would reverse back out, so he wasn't getting what he needed and was quite smaller then his brother Mikhail (baby A). The doctors said that when this happens there is a 72-90 hour window to deliver. They said I should deliver and that Nikolai (baby B) was too small and would not make it, but I should be happy that I was going home with one baby, however he would probably have problems. Both my husband and I knew in our hearts that we were going home with not 1 but 2 healthy twin boys.

After 3 weeks of living in the hospital, and having daily doppler tests, while our two older children stayed with my mom we delivered 2 twin boys at 27 weeks. Then we began our next roller coaster of incubators and oxygen, and a whole bunch of ups and downs. Now 4 years later I have to amazing miracles of life, that have no issues what so ever. They are happy healthy growing guys.

Its very scary not knowing what to expect, but trust your instincts, right now they are literally a part of you, and you will know what the right thing is. Don't be scared to question the doctors, if you feel in anyway that they might be wrong, always remember they call it a practice for a reason. I hope that helped, and if you have any other questions or concerns I am happy to do my best to help.


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Hope all went will with your delivery. I am currently scheduled for my c-section on Monday 3/14/11 (39 weeks prego) with mo-di Identical. I feel that most of my anxiety was caused by the lack of explanation my Dr's gave me of what to expect. When I first found out we were having twins I was 20 weeks pregnant and it was our first ultrasound. I was told right away that since they were identical all sorts of complications could occur. I of course was stressed out completely until I reached week 37 and finally was able to relax. I think some Dr's have rough bedside manner and use terms that really scare parents. I opted to speak with my midwives and meet with them instead of my Dr's through out my pregnancy but they will be the ones performing the c-section.

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hey im having my NT scan this week and i got a few worries already im having mono twins and one is bigger than the other, i have an increased risk of getting twin to twin tranfusion, but fingers crossed . i also have a 3yr old son so if they do come early i think it will be hard jugglying my son if they are in hospital for a long time.

Heather - posted on 03/15/2010




Congratulations and Good Luck! I had my girls at 33 weeks and they were small (3lbs. 6 oz. and 4 lbs. 7 oz.) but they are doing great now 7 1/2 months later they are both 14 lbs. Your babies may have to stay in the hospital a little longer than full term babies, so prepare yourself for that the best you can and know they will be given excellent care. Also be prepared that when you see them they may be hooked up to monitors. Just try your best to be ready fordifferent outcomes and not too set on any one birth plan and you will be more relaxed and confident! Good Luck being twice blessed is the best!

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