Friend hugging everyone except me

Sarahpeterson4ever - posted on 06/10/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am so upset this girl who I thought was my friend hugged everyone in my church group goodbye last night except me. She just looked at me and walked past me out he door. Why would she do this?? I feel like she doesn't like me and wanted to hug everyone except me.


Sarah - posted on 06/10/2016




Sarah! Of your 6 posts, 4 start with the phrase "I am so upset.." all 6 are about how you were shut out, lied to, avoided by or going to miss friends from church. There are nearly identical posts from "Crystal" as well. You seem obsessed with your church community. What is really going on? Are you considerably younger than the other members? Do you call them endlessly, stick your nose into their business, ask about them behind their backs? If even your pastor has had to tell you to back off, then you need to back off. You don't respond to any of the posted replies. If you want to fix this, and make and maintain friendships then you gotta do some self examination. No one is that rude unless they are really upset. Is this the girl you wanted the pastor to move the church trip so she could go? If people you thought were your friends are blocking you on social media, lying to get out of giving your rides, not inviting to weddings and not saying polite good-byes; what does that tell you? You are the common denominator and as much as I'd like to cushion this for you; you sound like a stalker. Take a step back, have a heart to heart with your pastor, seek his advice and advice from Scripture. Maybe you need a different social outlet?

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