Not sure how to curb "naughtiess" in my 8 mo old....

Beth - posted on 11/24/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I know it sounds a bit odd to say that my 8 mo old girl is a bit naughty because I realise at her age, they are just learning and don't have a capacity to do a lot of things or interpret the way older childre do. However, my girl has always been really determined to do things - she's teaching herself to walk (by this I mean she has initiated the process). She's bright, curious and very active

I'm struggling mostly with my own frustration when for example everytime I change her, bath her, feed her, put her to sleep or put her in her car seat she tries to get up, go the opposite direction, refuse to "allow me" easily to just get things done and she screams this really nasty sounding scream in protest if it's not something she particularly wants to be doing in that moment.

I'm not really into smacking but, at her age, there's no explaining or reasoning with her. I hate raising my voice to her but I feel so frustrated as the day to day activities are just becoming dreadful things. I'm also looking forward and thinking if she's like this at 8 mos what will she be like at 2 or 3 or 6.

How can I help curb her behaviour without crushing her spirit of adveture and determined nature. She's generally so happy and social but it 's just these frustrations I'm afraid will affect my relationship with her. She rarely plays up for my husband but then he is not her primary carer as he's working outside the home and travels weekly. I want to establish so age-appropriate and reasoalbe expectations/disciplines early so as she grows she is free to be herself but also respectful and responsive. I really need some encouragement and helpful strategies so I can better enjoy the beautiful gift my daughter is.


Becky - posted on 12/27/2010




at this age little ones are learning cause and effect. my son is 8 months also. I have been the lead infant teacher for 0-12mo olds at The Goddard School (private preschool) for 4 years... and what i have found most effective for kiddos who choose that to listening is to just use a very calm voice and look in their eyes and tell them in simple word what you want them to do... they don't understand really waht you're saying at that age but they can recognize words and their meanings if you use them enough.. don't raise your voice though as that would make your little one just take it that that is a way to get attention . My son has been having SUCH a hard time with diaper changes lately.. he'll start screamign and try to jump off the changing table.. i just smooth his hair back and talk in a very soft voice and look in his eyes the whole time and then he settles down.

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